Top Second Basemen in MLB

Second basemen are more known for their fielding ability and their ability to get on base. They are usually quick and nifty with the glove. Some, however, have displayed some light-tower power. Here are your top second basemen in baseball today. 

Top Second Basemen in MLB

10. Dee Gordon

Gordon is all about the speed. He hit to a high average two years ago, however with a PED suspension those numbers are tainted. One thing you definitely can’t take away from the 28 year old is that he can flat out fly. The past three seasons he has a total of 152 stolen bases, that includes a league leading 64 in 2014 and 58 in 2015. 

9. Dustin Pedroia

Pedroia will always be one of the toughest and hardest playing players on the field no matter how old he gets. His numbers have even stayed respectable as he gets into his older years. Last season he finished third in the American League with an average of .318. He averages 10-15 home urns a season and will drive in 50-75 runs. Defensively, Pedroia is one of the better second basemen as he is a four time Gold Glover. 

8. Jason Kipnis

In my opinion, Kipnis is one of the most underrated second basemen in the league. Yes he has some high strikeout numbers, however he still puts up some decent stats. “Kip” is a career .272 hitter. Last season he hit a career high 23 home runs. He smacked 41 doubles, drove in 82 runs, and stole 15 bases. Kipnis hits for power and can shot the gaps, he won’t hit for a high average, but will sit around the .275 mark. 

7. Javier Baez

In his first full season with the Cubs, Baez really came into his own. He hit to an average of .273 with 14 home runs and 59 RBI’s. Javy made some outstanding plays in the field. He was awarded the 2016 NLCS MVP after hitting .318 with five RBI’s. Baez will be a force in the middle of the Cubs infield and lineup for a long time to come. 

 6. D.J. Lemahieu

Lemahieu is one of the least talked about second basemen who puts up big numbers. Last season, Lemahieu finished 15th in MVP voting after hitting to a league leading .348 batting average. His power numbers have gone up a bit as well, as he hit a career high 11 home runs last season. His strikeouts numbers were also down, as he struck out only 80 times last season. Lemahieu’s numbers are not Coors Field aided, as on the road last season he hit to an average of .303.

5. Brian Dozier

Dozier is a raw power second basemen. In his five years in the league, his numbers have only gone up. Last season he finished 7th in the league, hitting a career high 42 home runs. Dozier is the type of guy who you know what you’re going to get from him. He averages 30 doubles/season, and is a .250-.260 hitter. 

4. Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler is one of the better all around second basemen in the league. He literally does it all. From base stealing, to extra-base hits, to fielding. Kinsler is a four time American League All-Star. He is a career .277 hitter with 212 home runs. He drives in around 70-80 runs a season and steals 10-15 bases/season. Last season he was awarded his first career Gold Glove award. 

3. Robinson Cano

Cano has been an offensive powerhouse since coming into the league in 2005. He has finished in the top 25 of MVP voting eight different times, and has made the All-Star team seven different times. He is a two time Gold Glove award winner and a five time Silver Slugger award winner. Cano has finished with a batting average of .300 or higher eight times in his career and has hit 14+ home runs in ever year of his career. Last season he hit to an average of .298 with 103 RBI’s and a career high 39 home runs.

2. Daniel Murphy

Murphy had an MVP type season in his first season with the Washington Nationals. Murph has always been known as a singles and doubles hitter. Last season he had a career year as he hit to a .347 average with 47 doubles, 25 home runs, 104 RBI’s, and a .595 slugging percentage. He won his first career Silver Slugger and finished second in MVP voting.   

1. Jose Altuve

Altuve is the best all around second basemen in the league. Alive is one of the fastest guys in the league, having stolen 30+ bases in the past five seasons. In each of the past three seasons, Altuve has hit to an average of over .300, with his most recent having hit .338 last season. His power numbers have gone up each of the past two years, as he is a combined 39 homers. He has won the Silver Slugger the past four seasons, and has finished in the top 15 in MVP voting the past three seasons. 

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