Teams That Might Draft a Quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft

More than six teams drafted a quarterback in 2019. So what teams might be looking to draft a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft?

Final 2019 Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft

It's finally time! The 2019 NFL Draft is here. The Cincinnati Bengals have 11 picks and even more question marks. Here is the final 2019 Cincinnati Bengals mock draft....

A Call To Arms: How To Fight The Shortage of Referees and Game Officials

There is a serious issue plaguing our high schools. The shortage of referees and game officials is one that will affect the future of sports as we know it.

Options For The Cincinnati Bengal’s First Round Draft Pick

The 2019 NFL draft will be crucial to the Cincinnati Bengals success moving forward. The Bengals will have plenty of options with their 11th overall pick.

Rising Star: Trysten Hill

Trysten Hill, the defensive tackle out of Central Florida is beginning to make waves in the draft community, and deservedly so.

It’s Time to Start Paying College Athletes

Every avid sports fan has an opinion on just about everything within the industry. One of these ideas is paying college athletes.

The Truth About Emanuel Hall

Emanuel Hall entered this season as a burner, but the truth is, he proved to be much more than that; he is an all-around receiver, not just a fast runner.

How to Go About Tyler Roemer’s Draft Profile

Tyler Roemer provided good protection as the Aztecs' left tackle, but he was dismissed from the program. After declaring, his draft stock is up in the air.

Big Ten Football: Top Ten Offensive Players

Big Ten Football is full of talent but there are those who clearly standout. Here are the top Big Ten offensive players for the 2019 season.

Donovan Peoples-Jones Named One of Ten to Shock the College Football World

Michigan's Donovan Peoples-Jones was named one of ten players to shock the college football world for 2019 and you can find it all here on LWOS.