Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani Wants to Compete in the Home Run Derby

Shohei Ohtani said he would be honored to compete in the 2019 Home Run Derby. Here's why he should be invited, and why he could win it.

Albert Pujols’ Greatest Moments as a St. Louis Cardinal

Albert Pujols: Take a look back at greatest moments for "The Machine" in a Cardinals uniform as he makes his first visit to St. Louis as an Angel.

Three Pitchers the St. Louis Cardinals Could Trade For

The St. Louis Cardinals starting rotation last year was one of the best in baseball. This season was thought to be the same. Coming into the year everyone thought...
valuable sports

The Most Valuable Sports Leagues In The World

There are many things we can say about sports, but there is one thing that most sports fans tend to ignore: they are big business.
Dallas Keuchel

Top Three Destinations for Free Agent Dallas Keuchel

The season has entered June and Dallas Keuchel is still unsigned. There are many reasons why no teams have called Keuchel yet.
Cardinals sweep

The St. Louis Cardinals Sweep the Chicago Cubs

The St. Louis Cardinals sweep the Chicago Cubs in this recent series. The Cardinals coming into this series was not looking good at all.

Major League Baseball Has a Serious Problem: Let The Kids Play

Major League Baseball has a serious problem. It preaches "Let The Kids Play," but whenever a player shows emotion, it is met with physical retaliation.

Memorial Day and the MLB – A Perfect Match

As the calendar year and MLB season move on, Memorial Day is the latest holiday upon us. The sports year is changing like the seasons while baseball is now...

Best Three Bets This MLB Season

The MLB Season is finally underway and that means there are bets to be made. Which bets should you make this MLB season? We take a look at the top three.

Three Reasons Why the New York Yankees are Under-performing

The Pinstripes are obviously not living up to their lofty expectations this season. Here are a few reasons why the New York Yankees are under-performing.