Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

The NBA has changed dramatically since the days of John Stockton and Steve Nash running the point, once a position that was looked upon solely to provide flashy passes, running the floor, and at least 10 assists a game. Now point guards are players who put their heart and soul into every play. Almost every elite point guard in the NBA now is also an elite scorer. This not only shows the evolution of the position, but the league as a whole. With these drive and kick players the NBA needs less of the elite big men, but instead has gone the way of shooters on the wing. Each one of the players on this list embodies what it means to be one of the “new age” point guards, so lets take a look at the top 5 in the league.

Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

1. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

Westbrook has done everything asked of him this year, and more. Embarking on his one man show and becoming an almost nightly triple double machine in the meanwhile. He plays with a fiery passion for the game that would make even Kobe Bryant jealous. Look for him to win his first career MVP this season, especially if he averages a triple double.

2. James Harden, Houston Rockets

If it weren’t for Westbrook, “The Beard” would probably win the MVP this season with career highs in pretty much every category. Of course playing in one of the fastest tempos that the NBA has ever seen doesn’t seem to hurt either. He is currently responsible for the second most points a game in NBA History (Points/Assists), only behind the legend Tiny Archibald.

3. John Wall, Washington Wizards

Wall has quietly lead his team to a top three seed in the Eastern Conference, behind only the Cavaliers and battling with the Celtics for the number two seed. Watching him dribble the ball up and down a court, with his speed, is mesmerizing. Currently averaging 23 points and 11 assists a game, Wall has proven that he is a franchise point guard in the NBA after years of doubt.

4. Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics

Thomas has transformed himself from a player who was being traded at what seemed like every deadline, to a franchise player and possibly a top 10, maybe even top five player in the NBA. If he could play the way he does every fourth quarter he would be averaging more than 40 points a game, of course we know the Celtics aren’t complaining and wont be anytime soon.

5. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

With the addition of Kevin Durant in the off season everybody expected for Curry to take a backseat. He has had to take his foot off the pedal a little this season. He has yet to hit the 300 mark for 3’s.  In all seriousness, Steph is still a top player in the NBA, even if he is not the highest ranked player on his team.


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