Buffalo Bills will win the Super Bowl

4 Reasons the Buffalo Bills Will Win The Super Bowl This Season

The offseason makes optimists of us all. There is a universal prayer that floats up to the heavens that goes something like “Please let this be our year!” Perhaps the hardest pill to swallow for any sports fan is the reality that, even if your team has a really good or a great year, they can still fall short of the ultimate goal of every team. There is an insane amount of luck that goes into every championship won by every champion. A team can plan, scheme, outwork, and do all the little things right and still…..fall short.

What is a sports fan to do? How do we keep our ever-loving minds from exploding? I guess we keep dreaming and scheming. Here are four reasons that the Buffalo Bills FINALLY hoisting that Lombardi come February.

4 Reasons The Buffalo Bills Will Win The Super Bowl

1. Josh Allen Is Entering His prime

Josh Allen is a rookie no more. He’s past any kind of sophomore slump, he’s proven that he can not only put up big numbers, but he can do it consistently for multiple seasons. He’s been in the top 3 MVP voting two of the last three seasons. The best part? He’s only 27. If yahoos like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers can perform at a high level into their later 30s, Josh Allen is just now entering the sweet spot in his NFL career.

Ken Dorsey commented that Josh wants people to start to see that he’s also got a high IQ when it comes to football, not just an insane amount of physical talent. If this maturation continues and Allen can lessen his mistakes and make better decisions, he’ll be holding the Lombardi trophy in one hand and the biggest chicken wing possible in the other hand.

2. The Defense Is Healthy and a Little More Humble

Healthy can be a relative term some days. Today, for instance. Tre’Davious White is healthy again. Matt Milano seems to have put his nagging injuries behind him. The Bills are being uber cautious with Von Miller, and letting him have a little more time to be fully ready for the gauntlet the Bills will be going through from weeks 5 to 11 before their bye week stumbles along.

In the locker room, I am sure that the drubbing Cincinnati gave Buffalo in the playoffs is still a sore spot and motivating thorn in their side. If defense wins championships (or is it the team with more points than the other guys? I’m confused), then Buffalo needs this defense to have the mindset that they need to win the game, even with Josh ‘Superman’ Allen hurdling people and Diggs making impossible catches. ‘It’s up to us’ needs to be the mantra, regardless of how many points the offense puts up each week.

3. Stefon Diggs Is Living on the Edge of Belligerence and Brilliance

Dynamite can blow holes in the side of a mountain so that cars can drive through it instead of over or around it. It can also blow up cars. Diggs is a one-of-a-kind dynamite player, and his fuse seems to have been lit. Bills fans just hope it creates something good and doesn’t blow up in the faces of fans and the team.

Buffalo loves Diggs. His potential is unmatched, his drive and passion inspiring, and his approach and delivery… create as much celebration as they do cringe. He lives on the edge of being unstoppable and unstable. If the first happens, Buffalo runs the tables and hoists a banner, and the city parties all year long. If the second happens, Bills Mafia runs out of tables in frustration and angst. Diggs appears to have settled into a business-as-usual attitude, but, as Bills fans have seen in the past, that can be a short-lived thing with Stefon. We want that fire, we just don’t want to get burned.

4. The Universe Owes Buffalo One. Just ONE

I know, I know. Life isn’t fair. You can try really hard and still not succeed. You gotta earn it, no one owes you anything. But come on now fate, karma, bad mojo, or whatever else may be in play here. No one can say that the Bills have not toiled and struggled and paid their dues and fought the good fight and come so close only to have victory snatched away.

Every Bills fan over the age of 35 remembers where they were when ‘Wide Right‘ happened. It was a watershed moment and a day that for Western New York, will live in infamy. To have come so close, so very close, and then have hopes dashed again and again and again in four riveting and excruciating years, its made longsuffering a prerequisite for being a Buffalo Bills fan. So the cosmos owes Buffalo, big time. It’s time to pay up, universe.

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