Ted Lasso Quotes to Help Noah Syndergaard

After his last start, Noah Syndergaard hypothetically gave up his firstborn son to get back to the old Thor we saw dominate batters in New York. His situation is bleak. Going to the Los Angeles Dodgers has not changed his career and he loses almost every game he starts. 

Syndergaard’s attitude needs some motivation. His pitching will never change if he continues to yearn about the pass. There’s no point for him to keep his 100 mph fastball rent-free in his thoughts. As the pitcher formally known as Thor continues to search for an old version of himself, the Dodgers are not committing to his next start. 

I can smell an Injured List stint in Syndergaard’s near future. 

Since his Tommy John surgery, Syndergaard has gone around the league hoping to find an organization with a pitching department that can give him a second career. He came to the Dodgers with the intention of turning his career around like so many pitchers have done in Los Angeles. 

Syndergaard is looking in the wrong places. His desire to become the pitcher he was in New York does not depend on coaches. This problem is rooted deeper in his own confidence. My recommendation as a blogger and a fan is: Watch Ted Lasso and take a couple of his life lessons to heart. 

Here are three Ted Lasso quotes that will help Syndergaard find his groove back. 

Three Ted Lasso Quotes to Help Noah Syndergaard Through 2023

“You say impossible, but all I hear is ‘I’m possible.’”

At the end of Sndergaard’s last start, the way he spoke about himself made it seem like he was completely defeated by his struggles. He’s given his bad results enough power that his confidence has taken a deep dive into the pits of hell with his hypothetical first son. 

At the end of May, Syndergaard had a record of 1-4 with an ERA of 6.54. If I had those numbers, I’d be sacrificing more than just my firstborn child. With every start that he makes, Syndergaard is pitching himself into being designated for assignment. His sense of urgency to regain his old form reflects an attitude that sees it as an impossible task. 

Instead of giving away his children, Syndergaard should start saying that it is “damn right” possible to regain his form. He is a young pitcher with a whole lot of baseball ahead of him. During his phantom injured list stint, he should wake up every morning telling himself, “I’M POSSIBLE!”

“Be a goldfish.”

This quote will not make sense without the full context of the quote, “You know what the happiest animal on earth is? A goldfish. You know why? It got a 10 second memory.” Instead of remaining focused on giving up three home runs to the Nationals, Syndergaard needs to forget about everything. 

Ruminating on bad starts will continue to keep the good Noah Syndergaard oppressed by his negative thoughts. After every start, he needs to get back to work without thinking about the past. He also needs to understand that as an older pitcher, it’s time to stop relying so much on a fastball. 

During his time off from the starting rotation, Syndergaard should focus on becoming a different pitcher. The past is the past. 

“Unless you make thoughtful amends, you will stink forever.”

Syndergaard should sit in front of a TV to watch old highlights of himself with the Mets. He needs to mourn the death of that version of himself. It’s time to let go of the past and forgive himself for being someone different with the Dodgers. 

As long as he doesn’t forgive himself for not having a fastball that can scare any batter, Syndergaard’s work will go to waste. He will continue to stink up the Dodgers. The Dodgers will release him. And he’ll find himself pitching for a non-contender. 

If you think pitching for a team that is not in playoff contention will relieve pressure from him, think again, he started last year’s season with the Angels. 

Here’s to hoping we get a new Noah Syndergaard who can dominate batters without speed.

Main Image: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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