The Yankees Need a Leadership Change

The New York Yankees are turning their season around. By all accounts, some would consider them to have the best roster in baseball, and if you looked at it on paper then you might be right. That is not the case though. The reasons are Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone. The biggest problem of the two is Cashman. Year after year he continues to trade or overpay for damaged goods. That in turn sets a chain reaction for Boone a mediocre manager at best to make poor lineup decisions.

The Yankees Need a Leadership Change

Cashman is Outdated

Brain Cashman has to have dirt on the Steinbrenner family, that is the only explanation for him to have his job. With what looks like an open checkbook, one would expect the Yankees to have multiple World Series since the turn of the century. That’s not the case though.

In the past year, Cashman has signed nothing but injury-plagued players. It began at the trade deadline last year with the acquisitions of Harrison Bader, who was hurt at the time, and Frankie Montas, who eventually had to be put on the injured list.

In the offseason, he signed Carlos Rodon to a 6-year, 162-million-dollar contract to fill the number two position in the rotation behind Gerrit Cole. He has yet to pitch this year, and it is beginning to feel like the early 2000’s signing of Carl Pavano all over again. We aren’t even going to bring up Giancarlo Stanton has only played approximately half of the games he has been on the roster for due to injury.

Fans are tired of Cashman, plain and simple. The style of signing the big name just because they are a big name is outdated. It would seem when he looks at the puzzle pieces to fill gaps, he picks the piece that isn’t going to fit and jams it in there. Gone are the days of just being able to hit home runs into the small porch to win games, and now is the time for a small ball.

Boone’s Inconsistencies Keep Hurting Lineup

The second issue with the team is Aaron Boone. The lack of consistency with healthy players is a detriment to the team. Baseball is a rhythm sport. Players find a rhythm in the field and at the plate. Not getting those chances at the plate makes it hard for players to get into those rhythms causing inconsistencies throughout the lineup field.

Most teams in the majors have the same players out there day in and day out. You can almost memorize the lineup except for a day off for a player here or there. Not with the Yankees. The only players that are consistently in the same spots in the field and lineup are Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Judge. They are also the two best hitters on the team. Coincidence? Probably not.

Boone’s bullpen budget is something of a joke. He is adamant about not using pitchers from the bullpen two nights in a row. This has led to more than one meltdown from the the relievers this season.

Rather than running a pitcher out there that is proven, and can get the out he will send in whoever has the freshest arm. That would make sense, however having a fresh arm doesn’t make you the best option to the out. The Yankees would best be served to get Boone to commit to a true setup and closing pitcher regardless of the last time they pitched. Mariano Rivera didn’t get six hundred-plus saves pitching every other night. He got there by being dominant and running out there when needed.

Fan’s Disappointment will Continue

The New York Yankees will continue to disappoint their fans year after year with these two at the helm. It will take Hal Steinbrenner getting tired of mediocrity. That sentiment doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. Between the front office and coaching staff the Yankees are going to be coming up short of not only winning the World Series but even appearing in it.

Main Image: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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