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Which Yankees Can Make the All-Star Team?

Voting has begun for the 2023 MLB All-Star Game. From now until early July, fans will give their biased and unbiased opinions about which players are worthy of playing in the practice game that will take place in Seattle. The list of All-Stars itself is always fun. It allows fans to not only say who they think the best players of the first half of the season have been but also which players have defined the season.

The New York Yankees have their fair share of players that could play in the All-Star game this year. They have a top-heavy roster but a few names are all but locks to make it. Which players are going to make the game and which won’t, let’s do a quick look.

But, instead of ranking the most likely players, let’s look at the everyday players and put them into three categories. There are the locks, the squints (they can make it if X happens), and the no-chance players. Let’s begin.

Which Yankees Can Make the All-Star Team?

Jose Trevino – Catcher

Squint All-StarJose Trevino is one of the glue players on the Yankees. He plays every day and keeps the team competitive on a daily basis. His strong play behind the plate not only makes the Yankees a great fielding team but makes him one of the best catchers in baseball. The problem, he’s been awful as a hitter. Trevino’s slashing .213/.261/.315 with only two home runs and 34 total bases. If he gets in, it will be on fielding and on-the-field persona alone but otherwise, expect Jonah Heim¬†or Adley Rutschman to get the call instead.

Anthony Rizzo – First Baseman

Lock – It might be bold to call Anthony Rizzo a lock. After all, there are a lot of qualified first basemen who can get the All-Star nod including Yandy Diaz, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Nathaniel Lowe. However, Rizzo has been one of the best players in baseball and arguably the most valuable Yankee. Along with steady play at first base, he’s slashing .289/.363/.477 with 11 home runs and 104 total bases and carried a lineup that has been riddled with injuries. It would be a complete shock if he didn’t get the call.

Gleyber Torres – Second Baseman

Squint All-StarGleyber Torres is having a career year and a much-needed one for both him and the Yankees. One of three batters with an OPS+ over 100, he’s notably making contact and thriving with the new shift rules. He has 58 hits, second-most on the team behind only Rizzo, and nine home runs. The big problem standing in his way is the competition. There are a lot of second basemen that are having great years and can get the call. Torres has an outside chance but needs to hope that the rest of the American League second basemen fall off while he continues to hit at a high level.

Anthony Volpe – Shortstop

No Chance – As much as Anthony Volpe has stepped up in his rookie year, he’s still far away from making the All-Star team. His batting average is .191 and his on-base percentage is an awful .268 and he’s still adjusting to major league-level pitching. He’s exciting and showing flashes but at an All-Star level (not yet at least).

DJ LeMahieu – Third Baseman

No Chance – This has been for the most part a disappointing year for DJ LeMahieu. He’s slashing .239/.301/.396 and looks like he lost a step at 34 years old. At this point, the Yankees are hoping he bounces back to round out the lineup much less aspire for him to be an All-Star.

Oswaldo Cabrera – Left Fielder

No Chance – A great fielder? Absolutely! Oswaldo Cabrera is one of the better outfielders in baseball with above-average sprint speed, arm strength, and outfield jump. A good hitter? One could hope someday but his 56 OPS+ suggests otherwise.

Harrison Bader – Center Fielder

No ChanceHarrison Bader would make the All-Star game if he was healthy and could play a full season. He hasn’t been able to do that, playing in only 26 games this season.

Aaron Judge – Right Fielder

LockAaron Judge is reaching the point where you don’t need the stats to show that he is playing at an otherworldly level but let’s look at some anyway. He’s slashing .291/.404/.674 with a league-leading slugging percentage. His 19 home runs lead the American League and are second-most in baseball. His 194 OPS+ leads all of baseball. On top of that, he is putting together all these great numbers without a lot of lineup help. Judge is injured at the moment but you can expect to see him in right field in the first inning in Seattle in July.

Giancarlo Stanton / Willie Calhoun – Designated Hitter

No ChanceGiancarlo Stanton has only played in 16 games this year while Willie Calhoun, a pleasant surprise, is underwhelming at the plate. The Yankees aren’t going to send a DH to the All-Star game, a surprise for a team known for its slugging.

Final Thoughts on the Yankees All-Star Candidates

When it comes to everyday players, the Yankees have two locks, Judge and Rizzo, and two players that have an outside chance to make it if things go right. So, the ceiling is for four fielders to make it to the All-Star game but in all likelihood, it will only be two. It says a lot about the Yankees and their roster alignment. They have a top-heavy team that is carried by two or three players and they go as their stars do. How successful of a season that will result in, we shall see.

Main Image: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

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