Jays Shut out Padres: Star Players of the Game

The Toronto Blue Jays were looking to end a series with the Padres on a high note with a win. Who would have thought that after the Padres shut out the Jays that they would do it back to them? Everything just seemed to be going the Jays way in this game.

They wanted a strong performance out of Chris Bassitt after losing the last two games against the San Diego Padres and a strong performance is exactly what he put out. The Jays bats were alive with two homers in the game, the defense was solid, and the Jays got two quality hits from Jordan Luplow. It was an exciting game to watch as the offense came alive later in the game. Let’s take a closer look at the stars of the game.

Blue Jays Stars in Shutout Win over Padres

Chris Bassitt

His sinker was a valuable pitch in the game and he turned to that pitch a lot and it worked well for him in the game. There were two moments in the game where Bassitt was in a jam with runners on and it appeared as though the Padres were going to score. But Bassitt got out of both jams in the game to keep the Padres off the scoreboard. It was inevitably the most memorable performance from Chris Bassitt this season with six innings pitched, four hits, one walk, and five strikeouts.

What was also helpful from Bassitt is that he pitched six innings and the Jays didn’t have to use up too much of their bullpen and give them a rest. Bassitt battled in this game and he showed some frustration but was able to remain focused and help the Jays to a big victory. He also recorded his 10th win of the season.

Alejandro Kirk

Fans have been wondering when Alejandro Kirk was going to come alive since he hadn’t hit a home run in over a month. His home run came at a perfect time to help the Jays score some insurance runs in the eighth inning. Could this be a sign of a turnaround for Kirk’s drought? It would be helpful to have more key hits from Kirk as the season continues for the Jays as they look to make the postseason.

Erik Swanson/Matt Chapman

Similar to Chris Bassit, Erik Swanson had himself in a jam, and it was another golden opportunity for the Padres to get on the scoreboard. But Swanson didn’t panic and pitched his way out of the inning.

Luckily, Swanson was able to get a double play thanks to a nice throw from Matt Chapman who was able to help Swanson get out of the inning. It was nice to see Chapman get the double play as he struggled with some plays in the previous games. This game showcased his gold glove abilities and I am sure it made Swanson happy.

Jordan Luplow

Jordan Luplow was just called up from AAA Buffalo and the Jays sent Nathan Lukes down. Who would have thought that Luplow would get the first run for the Jays and his first RBI single? What was even more impressive is that he was able to cash in a run with two outs. I believe it measures a skill to be able to capitalize a run with two outs because it is obviously more difficult.

Jordan was able to get a single off of a changeup and it was hit cleanly out in the middle of the field. If that doesn’t give him a confidence boost I don’t know what will. Some players just hit better with two outs or maybe they do better under pressure. Overall, it was an impressive performance from Luplow as he drove the first run of the game in.


It was a huge sigh of relief that the Blue Jays avoided being swept by the Padres. In the first two games of the series it just appeared that things weren’t going the Blue Jays way. No offense, the pitching wasn’t there and the Jays had trouble scoring runs. They were only able to score one run within the two games. Everything was just different about this game and it gave off playoff vibes. Bassitt, Luplow, Swanson/Chapman, and Kirk were the stars of the game. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. also recorded a home run in the game but that was no surprise.

Main Image: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

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