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Belt, Schneider, and Springer Equals Success for Jays

Game two of the series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox had many people on their toes. The Jays took game one of the series and were looking to continue their success from game one. Inevitably, they did beating the Red Sox 5-4. Davis Schneider impressed fans with his debut in game one, but was it just good luck or is there more to Schneider than meets the eye? The short response is yes.

Schneider continued to show us that he can be a piece of the puzzle for the Jays success. But Schnieder wasn’t the only player to acknowledge. Both George Springer and Brandon Belt came out strong and were prime reasons for the Jays 5-4 victory. Let’s take a closer look at how these three players helped the Jays seal the win.

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Three Positive Signs From the Blue Jays

Many have been hoping that the Toronto Blue Jays second half of the season would unfold many victories, but unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. But in the first game of the Boston Red Sox series, the Jays finally unleashed some positive signs of what we’ve been expecting from them. It’s been unfortunate that the Jays have lost Bo Bichette, Trevor Richards, and Jordan Romano to injuries.

But luckily, this hasn’t majorly affected them as a team and they’ve been able to work around their absences. Everyone was expecting the worst in the first game against the Red Sox, but it was a pleasant surprise to see the bats wake up. So, without delay, let’s continue and explore three of these positive signs that the Jays showcased.

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Vladdy has one of the best Blue Jays nicknames: El K

Meaningful Toronto Blue Jays Nicknames

eant to describe and represent a player’s personality, looks, or how they play. Essentially, nicknames are meant to serve the purpose of telling us more about a person.

For example, Jose Bautista is nicknamed “Joey Batts” because of the iconic bat flip that happened in the 2015 ALDS. The current Toronto Blue Jays roster has many players with funny nicknames. While these nicknames are comical they also maintain historical significance. How many of these nicknames are you familiar with? Let’s take a look at some significant baseball nicknames of the 2023 Toronto Blue Jays roster.

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Three Reasons Why Jay Jackson Deserves More Respect

If we were to look at the Toronto Blue Jays strongest relief pitcher right now, all fingers point to Jay Jackson. He really deserves more credit than he’s gotten as he’s been putting on quite a show for the Jays. His star performance has definitely been overlooked and he’s been doing everything to put zero’s up on the board for his team. He’s putting up some unbelievable numbers for the bullpen. While the Jays have had their issues in the bullpen Jackson doesn’t fit into that equation. Here are three reasons why Jay Jackson deserves more credit than he’s been given.

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Four Legendary Blue Jays Bobbleheads

When it comes to Toronto Blue Jays sports memorabilia fans take it very seriously and a popular collectible memorabilia that fans crave is sports bobbleheads. Their uses are multi-purposeful as they’re great for home decor on a desk, shelf, or for a sports memorabilia room and they also make great gifts for sports fans. The great thing about bobbleheads too is that over time they sustain more value and become worth more money depending on the ones you’ve collected. There are so many out there in different variations from select years and while the vintage ones are popular they are constantly coming out with new ones. So, why don’t we take a look at some of the best Blue Jays bobbleheads? Maybe you might be adding one of these to your collection.

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Varsho & Chapman Come Out Big for the Jays

It’s been nothing but a rollercoaster ride with the Jays this season. Expectations have been set high as players have been counted on to come out big. But frustrating moments for the Toronto Blue Jays have led fans to question players’ capabilities. Players will go through struggles, but what’s important is how a player bounces back from their struggles. There’s been a lot of online criticism regarding Daulton Varsho with his offensive drought, but the game against the LA Dodgers on July 26th has somewhat silenced that criticism. In addition, Matt Chapman is another player that has really turned around his game. He continues to hit key home runs and he is without question the Jays top defensive gem. He really makes those tough plays look so easy. So, let’s strike out some criticism and explore these two players in more depth in terms of how they came out big for the Jays.

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