Varsho & Chapman Come Out Big for the Jays

It’s been nothing but a rollercoaster ride with the Blue Jays this season. Expectations have been set high as players were counted on to come out big. But frustrating moments for the Toronto Blue Jays have led fans to question players’ capabilities. Players will go through struggles, but what’s important is how a player bounces back from their struggles.

Online criticism regarding Daulton Varsho with his offensive drought has evidently caused heated discussions amongst fans. But the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 24th has somewhat silenced that criticism. In addition, Matt Chapman is another player that has really turned around his game. He continues to hit key home runs and he is without question the Jays top defensive gem. He really makes those tough plays look so easy.

So, let’s strike out some criticism and explore these two players in more depth in terms of how they came out big for the Jays.

Varsho, & Chapman Stepping up at the Plate

Daulton Varsho

Varsho came out big in the game against the Dodgers on Monday evening. The game required extra innings and Varsho doubled in the top of the 11th inning and recorded two hits and two RBIs in the game. With the bases loaded and zero outs, this was Varsho’s perfect opportunity to eliminate his dry offense. While I may add, Varsho’s offense has been lagging but he has still been productive through his defense in the outfield. Fans have been hard on him but player’s droughts don’t last forever.

Over the season, the Jays have had issues with RISP but that was not a problem in this game. You could just hear the pop sound when Varsho hit the ball and you knew right then and there that it was a hit. This was a big hit for Varsho as he gave the Jays the lead in the game. The ball was hit hard and swooped right past Dodgers outfielder Jason Heyward. For a second, it appeared that he could have caught the ball but he read the play wrong. It was a beautiful swing and best of all it was really nice to see Varsho finally produce.

Matt Chapman

There’s so much to be said about Matt Chapman. Three-time gold glover and is on his way to possibly getting a fourth. Chapman has really turned his season around as he was making some errors at third base but now he’s really tightened up his game and has made some impressive defensive plays.

In addition, Chapman also came out big for the Jays in the top of the eighth by putting up an opposite-field home run with two outs giving the Jays the lead. It was a clutch homer and was hit in right-center field. He hit a 99 mph fastball and it was a beauty.

Worth the Wait

This was definitely a game that was worth staying up late for. Although it took extra innings it was worth the wait to see the Jays come out strong with the big W. Lots of respect should be given to Matt Chapman for coming up big in the game for the Bluebirds. It was almost unbelievable in the eyes of viewers.

Overall, it was a clutch hit in and of itself. Last but not least, we cannot leave out Varsho who got a key hit at a key time to give the Jays the lead and secure the win for the Jays. Let’s hope that the success can continue for both of these players moving forward. It will be pivotal to see what both these players can do if the Jays make the postseason.

Main Image: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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