Three Reasons Why Jay Jackson Deserves More Respect

If we were to look at the Toronto Blue Jays strongest relief pitcher right now, all fingers point to Jay Jackson. He really deserves more credit than he’s gotten as he’s been putting on quite a show for the Jays. His star performance has definitely been overlooked and he’s been doing everything to put zero’s up on the board for his team. He’s putting up some unbelievable numbers for the bullpen. While the Jays have had their issues in the bullpen Jackson doesn’t fit into that equation. Here are three reasons why Jay Jackson deserves more credit than he’s been given.

Three Reasons Why Jay Jackson Is Worthy of More Credibility

His current ERA Is 0.57 

Jackson is making quite a portfolio for himself with a 0.57 ERA. Apparently, the only run that Jay Jackson has given up this season has been to Aaron JudgeIt would be nice to see this matchup again this season. While his stats represent a small sample size, if he continues to put up strong numbers he deserves to be played more.

He’s been the most consistent reliever for the Jays and it will be exciting to see him pitch more this season. All we can say is thank you to the Atlanta Braves for getting rid of him last year, probably something they regret doing now.

Despite His Personal Life, He’s Pitching Strong

It says a lot about a player when he has to juggle his personal family life and put out a strong performance. Jay Jackson recently had a son that was born 15 weeks early and he’s been traveling back and forth to check up on him in the ICU. It takes a lot of focus to pitch and I’m sure he has a lot on his mind with this happening.

But, he hasn’t let this affect his game which is very impressive. It cannot be easy to go through and this shows a lot about the type of guy he is. More trust should be put in him as he’s more than proven himself worthy. Jackson will be perfect to use for example if a pitcher gets injured or is struggling on the mound. He could help with keeping his team in the game.

He Loves the Jays Organization 

Aside from his great pitching, there is another reason why Jackson deserves more respect as a player for the Jays. In an interview that happened earlier this year in May, he talked about why he decided to re-sign with the Jays and he talked about his faith that he had with the Toronto Blue Jays.

He also talked about how he wants to win a world series and he believes he has that opportunity by playing with the Jays. He wanted to play for a team where he felt he could help them win and he didn’t want to be sent back down to the minors. So far, he has definitely proven that he can help his team win.

Jay “The Jay” Jackson

Overall, he has fit really nicely with the Jays clubhouse and the atmosphere that goes along with it. If the smiles on his face don’t prove it then I don’t know what will. You can see how he plays with a lot of emotion and energy. When he pitched in the game on July 24th, against the LA Dodgers he picked up his third win of the season and got two strikeouts and best of all no hits or walks.

He walked off the mound pumped up as ever for not giving up any hits in the two innings he pitched. He’s not only pitched well but he’s done it consistently. Respect is what he deserves from both his team and his fans. Let’s hope his success can carry onward through the rest of the season and hopefully into the playoffs.

Main Image: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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