Belt, Schneider, and Springer Equals Success for Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox had many fans on their toes in game two of the series. The Jays dominated and took game one and were looking to persist with their offensive success into game two. On August 5th, they achieved this by beating the Red Sox 5-4. Davis Schneider dazzled everyone with his homerun in game one, but was it just good luck or is there more to Schneider than meets the eye?

Schneider has carried on to demonstrate how he is capable of being an important piece of the puzzle for his team’s success. But Schnieder wasn’t the only player to acknowledge. Both George Springer and Brandon Belt were strong contributors to the Jays 5-4 triumph. Let’s explore how these three players helped the Jays capture the win.

Belt, Springer, and Schneider Seal Win for Jays

Davis Schneider

We can forget about those who said calling up Schneider was not the answer. Schneider had a great game two against the Red Sox. The little hot dog man’s offense was heating up along with the warm weather. Schneider got one run in the game and had three hits. The way he was hitting in the game, he resembled a multifaceted Bo Bichette, which was a pleasant surprise and exactly what the Jays needed considering Bichette is on the injured list.

He is showing strong and great potential to start his major league career. It was great to see him continue with his offensive spark from game one in the series. Going three-for-three in the game was more than what we could ask for from the 24-year-old second baseman. Calling him up was probably one of the smartest moves that John Schneider made.

Brandon Belt

Belt deserves high recognition and a gold star in this game as he got one run, two hits, two RBIs, and a banger of a home run that got Jays fans excited. Belt opened up the scoring for the Jays by hitting his 10th home run of the season that was high and deep to left-center field off of Red Sox pitcher Nick Pivetta.

It was invigorating to see him spark up the Jays offense in this game, as in game one of the Red Sox series he was silent at the plate. We know what Belt is capable of as a veteran, so it was no surprise that Belt was able to help carry his team to a big win.

George Springer

I think it is safe to say that Springer’s slump is a thing of the past. He has really made some adjustments at the plate that have helped his game. He is being more patient and he had an amazing day going four-for-four in the game and recording two runs. It says a lot about a player that goes through a frustrating slump but then doesn’t give up and fights through the struggles.

When a player can bounce back from a slump and just look for ways to get on base and help their team seal a win, that says a lot about their ability to fight through adversity. The best thing about going through a slump is that eventually you know it’s going to come to an end.

Let’s Go Blue Jays!

While the Red Sox made it a close game in the ninth inning, the Jays held on to win game two of the series. The Jays are looking to sweep the Red Sox in game three on August 6th. A big high five goes out to Schneider, Belt, and Springer who were three players that stood out the most in the game to help bring the Jays to sweet, sweet success.

Main Image:  Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

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