Three Underrated Blue Jays Players that Have Wowed us

There have been some exciting games this season for the Toronto Blue Jays. Normally, we would expect the best from players like Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. But it’s not always the big names that help win games. When underrated players come out big and surprise us, the icing on the cake tastes so much sweeter. It makes us realize that a combined team effort is always significant and we shouldn’t only rely on the big names to produce.

Three Underrated Blue Jays that Have Come Out Strong

Whit Merrifield

If you were to look up the word ‘clutch’ in the dictionary Whit Merrifield’s name would undoubtedly appear. But despite this, he has been overlooked in the game. Whit Merrifield has come up with many key hits this season that have helped the Jays score runs. A perfect example was the game against the Chicago White Sox on July 4th.

Merrifield hit a double in the fourth inning and also recorded a steal. It can be said that one of Merrifield’s secret weapons is his speed. He has recorded 19 steals and 17 doubles this season and has shown great power against left-handed pitching. 

Another reason why Merrifield is a clutch player is that he doesn’t strike out a lot. The Jays have had their struggles with scoring runs with players in scoring position but Merrifield has been that piece of the puzzle where they can use him as a pinch runner in key moments. He is also able to play more than one position and this represents his skillfulness.

Brandon Belt

Brandon Belt is another player that can be categorized as underrated and clutch. Belt was able to provide the Jays with a beautiful swing and RBI against the Houston Astros on June 8th. You could just hear the contact he made on the swing and you knew it was a solid hit.

The Jays acquired Belt from the San Francisco Giants and he has been a well-grounded player that has helped the Jays score runs and win games. He is also a player that has pop to his bat as he has recorded six home runs this season. He also belted two homers in the game against the Boston Red Sox on July 2nd and his homer in the sixth inning came off of a breaking ball from Nick Pivetta.

Belt has been classified as an underrated hitter as he started off the season slow with a poor on-base percentage of .235. In spite of this, Belt turned things around and he had one of the best on-base percentages (.484) in baseball. On June 4th, Belt recorded a home run at the top of the seventh inning where he helped the Jays beat the New York Mets.

Danny Jansen

Danny Jansen has been a pleasant surprise for the Toronto Blue Jays this season. There have been a number of games where Jansen has come up with some crafty and important hits. His smart swing decisions at the plate have showcased him as a valuable asset to the Jays.

Danny Jansen has been one of the most underrated players as he doesn’t play in every game and isn’t usually classified as a home run hitter. But Jansen has proven fans wrong by recording 10 home runs and 33 RBIs this season. His power at the plate was most notably identified when Jansen came out big with a walk-off home run against the Atlanta Braves back on May 14th. It was one of the most memorable games and wins for Blue Jays this season.

Jansen also recorded three home runs in two days back in June and if that didn’t ‘wow’ fans then who knows what will.

Throw a Curve Ball

When it comes to winning games, it is all about team effort. There will be games where guys like Vladdy aren’t producing, which is a great chance for the underrated players to step up to the plate and be the hero. So, never underestimate a player at the plate.

It is notable when an underrated player is able to score runs with two outs, get a steal, hit with runners in scoring position, and inevitably ‘wow’ us. It is a long season in baseball and there is lots of time for more underrated players to show fans what they can do. Can you think of any other underrated players?

Main Image: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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