Two Reasons Why The Jays Shouldn’t Reacquire Marcus Stroman

There has been countless chatter, rumours, and speculation going on about players that the Toronto Blue Jays are interested in signing, and a recent ironic one has been Marcus Stroman.

You’d think that a player usually wouldn’t go back to a team he’s already played for. But history has proven otherwise. For example, Yuniesky Betancourt went from the Kansas City Royals to the Milwaukee Brewers and then back to the Royals, and then back to the Brewers from 2010-2013. The interest in Marcus Stroman has been strong but the question being is it the right move?

While some may believe that Stroman coming back to the Jays would be ideal, there are other things to look at. So, let’s take a look at two clear reasons why the Jays should steer clear of Marcus Stroman.

The Jays & Stroman: Why They Shouldn’t Trade for Him


He Didn’t Leave on Good Terms

Back in 2019, Stroman was far from happy when he got traded. If I can remember, he was in fact quite discontent about the whole situation. Stroman emphasized how he poured his heart and soul into the Jays only then to be traded. Coming off this, he probably wouldn’t want to come back. The issue with Stroman and the Jays was essentially with management and not with the team itself.

Evidently, no one can deny Marcus Stroman and the love and passion he showed for his team and his city when he played for the Jays. According to an article from the Toronto Star, Marcus Stroman had this to say about the Toronto Blue Jays: “The negative things that were said against me, by my own team, will never leave my mind.”

Overall, it was all just business but Stroman had the right to be upset considering he was traded for prospects during a rebuild.

Back in 2019, he was a very outspoken young man and wore his heart on his sleeve. Stroman can be a very likable kind of guy but also the opposite. Stroman has been known for getting into scuffles on the field, being yelled at by other players, has been criticized by other teams, and has been involved in incidents with the benches clearing. Now in 2023, I’m sure he has gained more maturity but he still comes off as this little man in a big man’s world kind of guy. Just not totally convinced that bringing him back is the best idea.

Jays Should Focus on Adding a Power Hitter

It’s been a constant battle of discussion of whether the Jays should be focusing on hitting or pitching with purchasing and in the end, it makes more sense with hitting. The Jays already have six starters in the rotation which accounts for a lot and let’s not forget they have long-term contracts as well.

It wouldn’t exactly make sense to add another starting pitcher when the Jays can capitalize on adding another power hitter. Yes, Stroman has been a solid consistent pitcher this year but if you look at it logically it seems that pitching is not as much of an urgent need. Instead, maybe add a righty bat who can play good outfield. Yes, the Jays have a strong offense but they could do even more damage offensively by adding another hitter.

Let’s Keep the Clubhouse Vibes

The Jays are just about to have a six-man rotation ready with Kevin Gausman, Chris Bassitt, Jose Berrios, Yusei Kikuchi, Alek Manoah, and Hyun Jin Ryu. While Stroman could do some damage as a pitcher, the Jays aren’t exactly in huge need of rotation arms. What the Jays need are consistent and reliable contact-hitting bats.

Overall, bringing Stroman back would definitely bring about some iffy vibes. It will be interesting to see what the Jays will do before the August 1st trade deadline.

Main Image: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

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