Three Reasons Why Bianca Andreescu Beat Anna Bondar

The Gods of tennis were in favor of Bianca Andreescu as she advanced to the third round of Wimbledon to beat Anna Bondar 6-3, 3-6, and 6-2. But the win wasn’t just given to her, she had to fight, hustle, and prove why she deserved to win. Andreescu also had to wait until day four to start this match due to rain. But she is moving forward with a big win for her. She will face Anhelina Kalinina in the next round.

Nonetheless, let’s take a deeper look at why she succeeded in this match against Bondar. 

Why Bianca Andreescu Beat Anna Bondar: Three Reasons

She Didn’t Give Up

Bianca Andreescu has always been the type of player to never give up. She is a player who plays with a lot of energy especially when she starts doing well. The key signifier is you can hear her cheer loud. Tennis players have a tendency to cheer or grunt and Andreescu will yell (COME ON!) when she is feeling it.

As well, compared to other tennis players she is more of a feet-planted celebrator. Andreescu took the first set of the match but then went on to a shaky start to the second set. She lost the second set (3-6).

This could have made her lose focus but she took the loss and moved on. That is exactly what you have to do. Inevitably, her losing the second set made her play stronger. She took control of the game in the third set with a 3-0 lead and then went on to win not only the set (6-2) but the match. 

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Everything Worked Well

We have seen Bianca play games when things are not going in her favour but this was not the case for this match. For example, she notably had a brilliant backhand that was seen in the first set of the match. She also covered the court well and she had a rock-solid performance in the third set.

Andreescu played exceptionally well due to the fact that she was in a better physical condition compared to the last couple of years. She has dealt with her fair share of injuries in the past but clearly, she has bounced back.

Bianca Andreescu also came out with a huge volley in the last game of the match that got the crowd going. Lastly, when Andreescu was able to get a second serve in the first set of the match she was able to tee off on it, which gave her a double break point. 

She Fought Hard and Wanted It

Bianca is without a doubt a fighter. She really proved herself when she beat Serena Williams at the US Open to win her first major title. This was not exactly an easy match for her. This game was much more of a grind compared to past games she’s played in Wimbledon. Again her loud cheers said it all and showed how much she wanted to win. 

You could tell she really wanted to win as she would get frustrated with the shots she missed. It was a hard-fought three-set victory and we can tell that she prepped well for this match. She brought drama, tenacity, and power to the game, and that says it all.

Serve, Volley, and no Melancholy!

All in all, Bianca Andreescu put up a great fight. She had the skills, tools, and mentality to bring forth a strong win. She gives off this unbeatable attitude, an attitude that she can hopefully bring into the next round of Wimbledon.

She is one of the many Canadians in this tournament that are striving for success as there is a strong Canadian presence in this tournament. She joins Denis Shapovalov to advance which represents a productive day for Canadians.

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