The Atlanta Falcons Have Become the Laughing Stock of the NFL

The Atlanta Falcons suffered another blowout loss on Sunday. This time it was a 37-10 lambasting to the Los Angeles Rams. This team has officially hit rock bottom. There will be no turnaround this season. They continue to get dominated in all three phases of the game. Coaching and playcalling continue to be pitiful and atrocious. It is quite embarrassing considering where this organization was just three short seasons ago during their Superbowl run. They are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons Have Become the Laughing Stock of the NFL

There is widespread despair throughout the fanbase. Once again, the team came out flat and played uninspired with no heart or emotion. It is as if they are just going through the motions and are lifeless. Nobody on the coaching staff is capable of injecting any life into the players. They clearly aren’t preparing the players for gameday.

It is quite evident they have quit on Dan Quinn. This coaching staff is incapable of making in-game adjustments. Missed tackles and blown assignments are becoming a regular occurrence on a weekly basis. Their run game continues to be non-existent. Devonta Freeman is clearly not the player he was three seasons ago. He continues to look hesitant and had a whopping 19 yards rushing against the Rams.

The offensive line is partially to blame for this. They continue to not open up holes, cannot block and cannot protect Matt Ryan.  It was inevitable that he would sustain an injury at some point as a result. Hopefully, his consecutive starting game streak is not in jeopardy as he has not missed a start since 2009.

An Imminent Implosion is Required

The only fight this team literally showed today was then Devonta Freeman was ejected for throwing a punch at the league’s best defensive player Aaron Donald. This was clearly out of frustration. At the same time, this was inexcusable and cannot happen. This was the most emotion, passion or enthusiasm any player on the Falcons displayed all day.

The defense continues to give up big plays at an alarming rate. This was the fourth straight game the Falcons did not register a sack. That almost seems incomprehensible this day in age in the NFL. They also have not forced a turnover in five straight games. This organization is in desperate need of a culture change. A new atmosphere and attitude need to be implemented and instilled from the top down to the bottom. The lack of enthusiasm and passion is palpable. You can feel it throughout the stadium.

Every aspect of the Falcons has become stale, from the outdated uniforms to the schemes, to the outdated and old school coaching staffs concepts and schemes. The new coach and general manager next season must be a no-nonsense type and hold both coaches and players accountable for their failures.

For starters, a young offensive-minded coach who is creative is just what this team desperately needs, especially with all the offensive talent on the roster.

It All Starts at the Top

This starts from the owner Arthur Blank at the top all the way down to the bottom. Blank is a smart businessman and has to be cognizant of such. If he is unable to see this, then he is completely delusional. This roster has way too much talent to be this anemic and inept.

Fans are losing faith quickly in the front office. They are very quickly losing all credibility, and rightfully so. There are way too many empty seats in Mercedes Benz Stadium. This organization is sadly becoming a circus. The fans patiently and anxiously await all offseason for NFL football in September.

The season cannot end fast enough for most fans as this team has now become the laughing stock of the entire league, from a productivity and effort perspective.



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