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Die hard Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Falcons fan since 1980. All you can eat MLB, NFL, NBA and some NHL. Passionate pro sports fan aficionado in a nutshell.
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The Atlanta Falcons Have Become the Laughing Stock of the NFL

The Atlanta Falcons are an embarrassment and have become the laughing stock of the NFL. Their performance is an indication of how they have given up.

How Pro Sports in the 1980s Compare to Today

In today's pro sports world, athletes and the media are very different in many ways compared to the 1980's, when times were more innocent and simple.

The Dan Quinn Era Must End Immediately

Dan Quinn's tenure as head coach of the Falcons must come to an end right now. This team has continued to regress and play uninspired, heartless football.

Young, Offensive Minded Head Coaches Are the Future

NFL teams want young, offensive-minded head coaches to keep up with the games evolving passing game concepts. This is the wave of the future when hiring.

Atlanta Falcons Victory Over Philadelphia: The Good and Bad

The Atlanta Falcons come out victorious over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football. Here's the good and bad from the Atlanta Falcons victory.

Julio Jones is the Ultimate Professional

Julio Jones is the ultimate professionalism both on and off the field. He should be an example to many other NFL players on how to be humble and classy.

The Top 10 Retro Sports Logos of All Time

Logos have evolved to become more modern. Some teams have gone back to retro and vintage. Either way, here are the top ten sports logos of all time.

Don’t Hit the Panic Button, Atlanta Falcons Fans

The Atlanta Falcons lost their 12th straight pre-season game this past Thursday night. This time, it was 19-7 at the hands of the Washington Redskins....

Shortening The NFL Preseason Is Long Overdue

Too many season-ending injuries are occurring in NFL preseason games and training camp. The NFL preseason schedule needs to finally be reduced to 2 games

It’s Time for the Atlanta Falcons to Introduce a New Look

The Atlanta Falcons uniforms are outdated and have not updated since 2003. A new look is long overdue and the retro uniforms should be brought back.

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