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Three Reasons Why Josh Rosen Will Thrive With the Miami Dolphins

After many months of analyzing what the Arizona Cardinals will do on draft day, we finally have our answer. The Cardinals went with the player they hope can revive football in Arizona; Kyler Murray. Of course, the Cardinals drafted a quarterback in the first round of last years draft, and he would need a new home. That quarterback is Josh Rosen, the 22-year-old who is coming off his rookie season. The Cardinals shipped off Rosen to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a second-round pick. This article is not going to tell you whether or not the Cardinals made the right choice, but to tell you why Josh Rosen will surprise the entire NFL next season.

Three Reasons Why Josh Rosen Will Thrive With the Miami Dolphins

The Right Mindset

Josh Rosen was put into a dysfunctional system in short-lived time with Arizona. His head coach and offensive coordinator did not put Rosen in a position to succeed, and they were fired. Despite this, Josh Rosen was attacked by fans and media. Still, Josh Rosen had no negative reaction to this, and just put his head down to work even harder.

In week seven against the Denver Broncos, Josh Rosen played terribly, throwing three interceptions. The Broncos massacred the Cardinals by 35 points, despite the game being played in Arizona. Inevitably, fans were furious and took to social media to express their feelings. How did Josh Rosen respond to this? Next week, against division rival San Francisco 49ers, Josh Rosen led the Cardinals to an 18-15 victory, putting up 264 yards of total offense with two touchdowns and only one interception. This could end up being a career-defining moment for Rosen and he will just keep working harder.

Chip on His Shoulder

All year, Rosen has been hearing constant rumors about the Cardinals moving on from him, and those rumors held true. He has been dealing with non-stop talk from the media, and now he has a fresh start to prove himself with the Dolphins. Josh Rosen is going to whatever he can to ensure that he proves the whole NFL wrong next year with the Dolphins, and I believe he will do so.

According to Sports Illustrated, Rosen was prepared to beat out Murray for the starting job when the Cardinals drafted him. Obviously, we won’t get to see that happen, seeing how he was shipped off to the Dolphins. But it does communicate one thing to us, Josh Rosen is prepared to do whatever it takes to prove his doubters wrong.

Support With the Dolphins

Despite not getting much love with the Cardinals, Dolphins fans seem beyond excited to have Josh Rosen as their commander in chief. Most media members will agree that Rosen will fit well with the Dolphins. Rosen has responded to this positive energy by posting a picture of him in a Dolphins jersey, looking so excited to be a part of the Dolphins organization. I think despite having something to prove in the tough and competitive league that is the NFL, Rosen needed to hear his name being talked about in a positive light, and will now work harder than ever. The Dolphins are going to do whatever they can to surround their young quarterback with talent, and now have a direction as a franchise.

Is Josh Rosen the most talented young quarterback in the league? No. But Josh Rosen has potential to be a great quarterback in the league and will fit perfectly with the Dolphins. He has a HUGE chip on his shoulder and is on a mission: to prove the doubters wrong. There is no doubt in my mind that Rosen has a burning passion for football. There is also no doubt in my mind that Rosen is tired of hearing about the Cardinals, his future, and Kyler Murray. It is up to Josh Rosen to change the narrative.

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