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I am Harrison Jones and I love all things basketball and football. You can also find my articles on Overtime Heroics and I run an Instagram NFL page.
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The Warriors Dynasty Is Not Over

The Warriors' Dynasty Is Not Over The Warriors have dominated opponents in the past five seasons-both through their obvious talent and through their seemingly perfect durability....

3 Reasons Why the Falcons Will Bounce Back Next Season

It has been a few rough seasons for the Atlanta Falcons since they lost the super bowl. Here are three reasons the Falcons will bounce back in 2019.

The NFC West Will Shock You in 2019

What if I told you there was a division consisting of all four teams that could make a push for the playoffs in 2019? Enter: The NFC West.

Three Reasons Why Josh Rosen Will Thrive With the Miami Dolphins

This article explains why Josh Rosen will thrive with the Miami Dolphins and how he will show the Arizona Cardinals that they made a mistake.

Five Reasons Why the Green Bay Packers Will Make a Super Bowl Run in 2019

There is still hope in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Here are five reasons why the Packers will make a super bowl run in 2019.

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