Pitching Fun: Baseball’s Quirkiest Mascots Ranked

Baseball just wouldn’t be the same without those lovable, zany mascots that entertain fans between innings. From hot dog costumes to oversized birds, MLB has some of the most creative and downright bizarre mascots around. Let’s take a look at some of the quirkiest mascots in baseball and rank them on their uniqueness and crowd-pleasing antics.

Pitching Fun: Baseball’s Quirkiest Mascots Ranked

6. Mariner Moose – Seattle Mariners

This moose has been the Mariners’ mascot since 1990 and is instantly recognizable with his navy and teal fur and oversized baseball cap. While Mariner Moose looks fairly normal, he has some odd talents, like standing on his head and riding a unicycle. He keeps fans laughing with his goofy dancing and habit of spraying unsuspecting spectators with a garden hose.

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5. Bernie Brewer – Milwaukee Brewers

Bernie Brewer first appeared for the Brewers in 1973 and could be seen sliding into a giant beer mug after player home runs. The mascot was retired for a while but made a comeback in 1993 when the Brewers moved to Miller Park. Bernie still celebrates by sliding into a giant beer stein after homers, making him one of baseball’s booziest mascots.

4. Fredbird – St. Louis Cardinals

As a bright red cardinal wearing a baseball uniform, Fredbird looks pretty standard as far as mascots go. However, he has some quirks that make him stand out. Fredbird is known for riding onto the field on a motorcycle and using his oversized beak to “peck” fans on the head. He even has an unofficial “rally squirrel” assistant to help get Cardinals fans pumped up. With all the excitement Fredbird brings, it’s no wonder Cardinals fans love placing MLB parlays during games while watching this spirited mascot.

3. Swinging Friar – San Diego Padres

Dressed as a Franciscan friar in a brown robe, the Swinging Friar has been the Padres’ mascot since 1958. The friar carries a baseball bat to match his robes and swings it as he gets the crowd cheering. With his unusual religious garb and energetic batting practice, the Swinging Friar is one of baseball’s most unique mascots. The team also has an unofficial team mascot, the San Diego Chicken, which shows up during games.

2. Phillie Phanatic – Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillie Phanatic has been the Phillies’ mascot since 1978 and is easily one of the most recognizable in sports. This big green creature has an extendable tongue, snout, and multi-colored fur giving him a distinctly alien look. The Phanatic rides around on an ATV and loves pranking players and umpires, making him MLB’s resident prankster.

1. Mr. Redlegs – Cincinnati Reds

With his giant baseball head, handlebar mustache, and old-timey baseball uniform, Mr. Redlegs is the quirkiest mascot in baseball. He’s been entertaining Reds fans since the 1950s and still has an antique, vaudeville look that makes him delightfully weird. Mr. Redlegs remains popular for his hilarious antics and distinct retro vibe celebrating Cincinnati’s baseball history.


While all MLB mascots add to the fun at the ballpark, these are some of the zaniest out there. Their bizarre appearances and wacky personalities give baseball an added dose of entertainment. Next time you take in an MLB game, keep an eye out for these mascots and their amusing antics! Whether it’s riding motorcycles, sliding into giant beer mugs, or just looking plain weird, these mascots know how to get the crowds going.

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