Some Of The Biggest American Cities Without A Team In The NFL

Expansion is never far from the discussion when NFL heads meet, especially given the fact that there are several major cities in the U.S. without a franchise.

For some reason or the other, some of the largest cities in the country remain without a professional team. But who knows? One or two of them might get one soon enough.

This list takes a look at some of the most glaring of such cases. Keep reading to find out more.

Some Of The Biggest American Cities Without A Team In The NFL

San Antonio

San Antonio has one of the most successful NBA franchises around but does not have a pro football team and is the largest city in America (1.5 million residents) without one. While it does not have a huge media market, the Texan city has shown that it could be a great home for a professional team and, should they get an NFL team down the line, it would make for a top rivalry as Texas already has two teams: the Cowboys and Texans.

This would make for no end of entertainment whenever a season is underway.

There’s some experience there too as the New Orleans Saints played one regular season in

San Antonio after Hurricane Katrina. They went 3-13 before moving back and appointing Sean Payton as head coach and would see some success with Drew Brees as their quarterback.

Mexico City

Mexico City is technically not in the U.S. but it is close enough and has hosted NFL games as it is part of the group of countries who benefit from the NFL International Series.

The Mexican city has seen four NFL games take place therein since 2016 and has been considered an expansion spot by both the NFL and NBA. it might just be a matter of time.

Oklahoma City

OKC residents take sports very seriously and it doesn’t take very long to understand just how passionate they can be once you see how they support the Thunder.

As much as the residents love basketball, Oklahoma is a football city. The Oklahoma Sooners are one of the NCAA’s most notable programs and have seen quite a lot of players head to the pros. An NFL team in such a city would be a welcome addition to this sports-loving location.

St. Louis

St. Louis was home to the Rams from 1995-2015. The team won the Super Bowl in 1999 but ended up chasing better weather in Los Angeles six years later. It must have hurt to watch them win it again in 2021, but there’s hope that the city can one day boast an NFL team again.

Apart from that Super Bowl win in 1999, St. Louis has seen the Blues win the Stanley Cup in 2019, while the Cardinals have won 11 world series. A football team would make things perfect again, though they might have some waiting to do.


Louisville has a population of 624,444 and, like all of the other teams here, is among the 10 largest cities without a football team.

As far as pro franchises go, they did have a basketball team back in the ABA days and have a few minor league baseball teams, as well as minor league hockey. But, with Cincinnati not too far away and Nashville also close, Kentucky fans still get their fill as they support either the Bengals or the Titans in the NFL. To have their own team would be something special and sports betting sites in Kentucky would be quite active on such a front given that legalized wagering on sports is now a thing there.


Sacramento is the capital of California and boasts a special sporting history. The city is already the home of the Sacramento Kings, which means the state is home to four franchises: the Lakers, Clippers, and Warriors.

Should Sacramento get an NFL franchise, California would become the state with the most NFL teams as it’s already got the Rams, Chargers, and 49ers.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the most populous state in a city with no football team but has some passionate football fans. It is home to a professional basketball team, the Utah Jazz, though the team has taken up the name of the state instead of the city.

It’s safe to assume that would be the case if they ever get an NFL team. The Utah Classics?

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