2024 New York Yankees O/U: Why the Yankees Will Hit the OVER

The New York Yankees, one of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball history, has always been a team synonymous with success. However, after a disappointing 2023 season, the Yankees find themselves at a crossroads heading into 2024. With a projected win total of 93.5, many wonder if the Yankees have. Let’s delve into why we believe the Yankees are in a prime position to OVER their projected win total in 2024. 

The 2023 Season: A Brief Recap

The 2023 season for the Yankees was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Despite the high expectations, the team only managed to secure 82 victories, landing them in the fourth position – their lowest standing since 1992. They were eliminated from playoff contention in late September, making the season’s final month a mere formality.

One could argue that last year’s performance was an anomaly, an unfortunate combination of injuries, underperformance, and statistically some bad luck. But as any seasoned baseball fan knows, previous seasons’ performances don’t necessarily dictate the future. Given the changes and improvements the Yankees have made during the off-season, there are ample reasons to believe they are primed for a strong rebound in 2024.

The 2024 New York Yankees Will OVER the 93.5 O/U

The Off-Season: A Time for Changes

The offseason is an opportunity for a team to regroup, rethink their strategies, and make necessary changes to improve their performance. For the Yankees, this off-season has been anything but quiet. The team has created a series of strategic moves, bolstering their roster and addressing some glaring weaknesses that plagued them in the previous season. 

The most notable acquisition is Juan Soto, a player with a career of .946 OPS through age 24. This puts him in the elite company of players with one of the greatest starts in the history of baseball. Alongside Aaron Judge, they form a formidable duo that is predicted to be two of the four best hitters in baseball. The addition of Soto alone significantly improves the Yankees’ offensive capabilities, addressing one of their primary issues from the previous season. 

The Yankees also significantly improved their outfield, adding Trent Grisham and Alex Verdugo, and bolstered their rotation with the signing of Marcus Stroman. This roster overhaul has dramatically increased the Yankees’ projected value, the offseason additions will add a combined WAR of 11. Add that to their 82 wins last year and subtract the negative WAR of Josh Donaldson and Aaron Hicks, they are the most improved teams in the AL during the off-season and 93.5 wins is a low estimate.

 The Health Factor: A Potential Game Changer 

Health is arguably one of the most significant factors in a team’s performance. The 2023 season was a testament to this, with several key players, including Aaron Judge and Carlos Rodón, suffering from injuries that significantly impacted their performance and the overall team’s success. The Yankees will also finally have the Martian up in the big leagues and in the line up come June. Dominguez set the league on fire with his bat after being called up in September, only to suffer a ligament injury that required Tommy John surgery in October.  

The Competition: An Overview

While the Yankees have made significant improvements, it’s also essential to consider the competitive landscape. The Boston Red Sox, for example, have had a challenging off-season, with managerial uncertainty and significant losses in their roster. On the other hand, despite their best efforts, the Toronto Blue Jays have not been able to make any substantial additions to their team.

The Rays will not have Wander Franco this season, who was a big part of their red-hot start to 2023. The Rays will underperform compared to last season. The real threat to the Yankees is the Baltimore Orioles. After decades of cellar-dwelling, they have built a roster of impressive young talent and expect to call up MLB’s stop prospect Jackson Holliday at some point this season. 

A Season of High Expectations

The 2024 season is shaping up to be pivotal for the New York Yankees. The team has made significant strides during the offseason, bolstering their roster with some impactful acquisitions and addressing some critical issues that hindered their performance in the previous season. We haven’t even gotten to the improvement and development of top prospects, Anthony Volpe, Oswald Cabrera, Austin Wells, and Everson Peira, who are entering their second seasons with the Yankees. 

As we look forward to the start of the season, one thing is clear – the Yankees are a team on a mission, ready to prove their detractors wrong and reclaim their rightful place at the top of the league. So buckle up, baseball fans – the Yankees’ 2024 season promises to be thrilling. One last word of advice: take the OVER before the Yankees lock down free agent Cy Young winner Blake Snell

Main Image: Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

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