Can Tua lead the Crimson Tide and the SEC into the CFP?

The SEC Will Have Two Teams in the College Football Playoff

Four weeks into the 2019 season, the Southeastern Conference is looking again as if it will be the conference to beat. The conference has five teams in the AP Top 10, and three in the top four. The SEC has been the best for years. So, it’s not unreasonable to think two teams from this conference will be in the College Football Playoff. Let’s analyze how this can happen.

SEC Will Have Two Teams in the College Football Playoff

SEC Championship Winner Will Get In

The SEC champion has been in the CFP every single year. That being said, this year will be the same result. With three teams from the SEC West being in the Top 10 (Alabama, LSU, & Auburn), it’s hard to predict which team will represent the West; however, Georgia or Florida will more than likely represent the East in the SEC Championship. Regardless of the matchup, the winner of this game will be in the CFP.

How does a 2nd SEC team get in the CFP?

An SEC Championship with two undefeated teams is very possible. If this happens, and the losing team plays a competitive matchup, it’s very possible the losing team will get in. However, this isn’t the only scenario.

The 2018 CFP featured two SEC teams and one didn’t even play in the SEC Championship. As a matter of fact, the team that didn’t play in the SEC Championship won the National Championship. Who was this team? The Alabama Crimson Tide. This same scenario could play out again this season. There is a high possibility the 2nd place team in the SEC West will only have one loss.

If the loser of the SEC Championship gets defeated with ease (ex: 31-0 or 42-10), the 2nd place team in the West could again get into the CFP without ever stepping on the field for the SEC Championship.

This is a Real Possibility

With the SEC having five teams in the AP Top 10 four weeks into the season, it truly exemplifies how dominant the SEC is once again. It’s very possible the conference championship game could feature two undefeated teams and even if this isn’t the case, there are still realistic scenarios where two teams from the conference get into the CFP.

If one of these scenarios does take place, this will only leave one spot open in the CFP (assuming Clemson runs the table in the weaker ACC and goes undefeated).

Who Would Be the 4th & Final Team in the CFP?

It’s still early in the college football season, so this is difficult to predict. However, through four weeks, there are some teams that deserve attention.

The Oklahoma Sooners are a team to keep on the radar. Jalen Hurts is thriving at his new school and leading the offense to impressive performances.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are another team that should be taken serious. This is another school where a new QB has come in and created a juggernaut offense.

The wild card team that everyone should keep an eye on is the Wisconsin BadgersThey have outscored opponents 145-14 through three games. The Badgers also have Jonathan Taylor averaging over seven yards per carry.

These three teams are definite contenders to take the potential final spot in the CFP.

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