Summerslam 2018: Previewing the Top Matches

It’s that time of year again, the second biggest event of the WWE calendar, Summerslam!! The buildup is usually months of time and story-line, the wrestlers look forward to being on the huge stage and performing in front of thousands and thousands of fans. Instead of giving just a preview of the event, let’s look at not only some of the matches, but take guesses on what may happen to spice up some of the bigger matches.

Summerslam 2018: Previewing the Top Matches

Smackdown Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match

Fitting for a high caliber match at Summerslam, the women are again showing they can do what the men do. Even though some people don’t like the triple threat matches for titles because of how many things can be factors in it. However, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are more than ready to take it to Carmella to win the title from her hands. This match is one of the easiest in the Summerslam lineup to say some type of outside element will have a major effect on the outcome. Carmella isn’t known to win all of her matches by her own talent.

The surprise return of James Ellsworth to help her win her match the Money in the Bank match. Every time we think he is gone and no longer a factor. He turns back up, helping the woman who treats him, literally at times, like a dog. An entertaining surprise would be for him to show up at this match. Finally showing that he has had enough of Carmella’s attitude and help either Becky or Charlotte win.  Although sadly if he does show up, it will probably be to help Carmella eek out a win again to try to win her favor.

Finn Balor VS Constable Baron Corbin

Constable Baron Corbin has been making an interesting name for himself as of late. Wrestling part of the time and being Stephanie Mcmahon’s mouthpiece other times. Now granted, Steph has many other things to attend to. She makes only rare appearances on the shows as of late. Though she was there to announce the historic all woman’s PPV that shall be happening, that is another review. Back to Baron, he picks fights here and there and is now focused on Finn Balor. At the last PPV, in my opinion, Finn was not used to his full potential.

Unless this is due to an undisclosed injury, he needs to be in line for a title soon. He is full of great charisma and in-ring presence. All that said, since Baron is the ‘constable’ he can easily have something set up to help him from the sidelines if the match seems to be slipping away from him. He is truly getting a reputation for a man who doesn’t like to win in a fair fight so watch this match.

Jeff Hardy VS Shinsuke Nakamura for the US Championship

Jeff Hardy and Nakamura have had an interesting rivalry in the weeks leading up to Summerslam. Nakamura was becoming a crowd favorite when the writers decided it was his turn to do a heel turn. Which is fine, most wrestlers have to at some point in their career. Although he seemed to be consisting of little else but low blows when the ref wasn’t looking. Putting that aside. Hardy with his high flying style is a good match for a great event between the two men.

Now enter Randy Orton, the apex predator is rarely not the bad guy in any situation.  And he plays it with wonderful evilness and skill. He has Hardy in his sights as well as title shots and has made it clear that he is more than willing to remove Hardy from his way by any means necessary. The odds are highly against Hardy as he not only has to watch for a cheap shot from Nakamura. But also to keep an eye out for a viper who is well skilled in sneak attacks from any side. This is almost a guarantee of a match with interference.

RAW Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss VS Ronda Rousey

Even though Bliss is still the champion, she does very little on her own to keep it. Unless you include enlisting the help of whatever friend she can keep by her side long enough. At the moment it is Alicia Fox. She is not only helping Alexa but has taken an injury to her arm from Ronda near breaking it. So Alexa tried to up her protection on Monday with security guards. This didn’t work to the tune of Ronda throwing them around and out of the ring. So easily we can say Alesha will be an outside factor.

However, Ronda Rousey is not without friends. If for some reason the numbers are against her and she starts to have problems. It is not outside the possibility that an ally such as Nia Jax coming down to help out and get some payback on her ex-friend, Bliss. The match looks heavily in Rousey’s favor, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Especially this being Rousey’s first Summerslam that she is competing in. It isn’t that she isn’t used to large crowds. Of course, there is still a learning curve in the differences between the MMA and the WWE.

Dolph Ziggler VS Seth Rollins for the IC Title

There is absolutely no doubt or guessing in this match, there will be interference or assistance from outside the ring. For week Dolph Ziggler has come to the ring accompanied by Drew McIntyre. With a big gun like that in his corner, he has been all smack talking and taking cheap shots that Seth Rollins has been on the bad end of. Since Seth knew there was no way he could have a fair fight with McIntyre in Dolph’s corner. The contract for the match stipulated that he could have someone in his corner to equal the odds.

During the entire show of RAW this Monday, he kept who was going to back him up a secret. In fact, he stayed out of sight, the story told that a flight was delayed. But finally at the end of the show, while Ziggler and McIntyre were in the ring, waiting for Seth to sign the contract. Seth made his announcement of who would be in his corner. Stating if Dolph was going to have a Scottish psychopath in his corner, he should have a lunatic in his. And to the joy and roar of the crowd. Dean Ambrose made his return looking in the best shape of his career.

There are some in the rumor starting mills that say Ambrose may turn on his shield brother at Summerslam instead of watching his back. While this is always a possibility. It would be an absolutely huge mistake on the part of the WWE writers to do. The shield just returned to good terms right before Ambrose got injured. There are way too many good storylines to do with all three members of the shield healthy. But either way, there is going to be a lot to watch with this match.

Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship (again)

Hoo boy, here we go, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, at Summerslam, yay. Sorry, but this is the attitude of many, many fans of the WWE. People are tired of Lesnar as a part-time wrestler. Somehow winning the few matches he does actually participate in. Reigns is just the next person that half the audience loves and half hates. But this scenario is old and overdone. Both men are talented in the ring, but it is too predictable.

This match NEEDS outside intervention. Now there are a few ways it could happen to be real entertainment. The scuttlebutt is that Brock is going to be going back to the MMA anyway so losing the title should happen. How it does is another matter. After Lesnar grabbed his advocate Paul Heyman by the neck and seemed quite done with him. Paul turned the tables on him would really please the crowd. Roman becoming a client of Paul’s would be the most surprising, but others could happen.

Also, since Roman supposedly took over the Undertaker’s yard and hasn’t quite lived up to his big dog status. Taker coming in and establishing himself again could not only excite the crowd and match. But add life to the main event that people are quite bored of.

Last Word

No matter what happens at this year’s Summerslam. All the wrestlers involved will put their bodies on the line for our entertainment. Since this is the second biggest event of the year. They are going to do what they can to keep their names in the big stories. For certain there will be plenty of moments that should make us yell at the TV as we watch. Enjoy.

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