“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan – Professional Wrestling’s Stouthearted Patriot

Brandishing a 2x4 and bellowing his iconic proclamation of “Hoooo,” to call “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan well-known would be underselling his presence. In fact, from...

Nick Gage and the Rise of Deathmatch Wrestling

Deathmatch Wrestling is skyrocketing in popularity, and you can thank Nick Gage.

AEW All Out: What Did We Just Watch!?

AEW All Out will go down in history. And we are here to break it down.

Bryan Danielson to AEW “Confirmed”

Bryan Danielson is going to AEW, and there is a lot he could do.

CM Punk is All Elite

CM Punk is back. A moment wrestling fans have waited over seven years for.

WWE Should Not Re-Sign Adam Cole

The WWE should not re-sign Adam Cole. It really isn't even that controversial of a stance, Spike Dudley 2.0 doesn't deserve this much debate.

Bray Wyatt Released From WWE: What Did We Just Watch!?

I usually write a “What Did We Just Watch” article after a major pay-per-view, but this deserved an exception to that.  Bray Wyatt was one...

The CM Punk Rumors are Coming Full Circle

CM Punk rumors have been in the news all week, and it seems a return is getting more and more likely.

CM Punk Wrestling Return: How Likely is it?

The wrestling community is currently buzzing right now. Reports have just started circling that CM Punk is currently in talks to make an in-ring...

Bret Hart: The Most Forgiving Man in Wrestling

Bret Hart is perhaps the best technician in wrestling history. But that didn't come without hardship.

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