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Official MLB Hashtags for the 2023 Season Are Here!

Opening Day is here! And with that, the official MLB hashtags come down from social media departments! The fun thing about these official hashtags is they are all followed with a little icon of the specific team on Twitter.

Ever want a compilation of the 30 MLB hashtags? Well, here you go! Use these on your favorite social media platform to talk about your favorite team!

Official MLB Hashtags for 2023

NL East

Atlanta Braves: #ForTheA

The betting favorite to win the NL East is none other than the five-time defending division champ Braves. With a star-studded lineup featuring Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna, Jr. paired with an elite rotation, Atlanta is poised to win it again. Last year was disappointing since they won 101 games but fell to divisional rival Phillies in the NLDS.

New York Mets: #LGM

If spending is directly correlated to wins, the Mets may never lose a game in 2023. Steve Cohen physically could not care less about the luxury tax threshold, he wants to win and win now. Justin Verlander will start the year on the IL, but they have the depth (and the lineup) to make up for it.

Philadelphia Phillies: #RingTheBell

The third-best NL East team in the playoffs ended up being the one to represent the entire NL in the World Series. Given, they lost to the Astros, but it was awesome nonetheless. The Phillies have high hopes for 2023 but losing Rhys Hoskins to an ACL injury is going to hurt. With Trea Turner, J.T. Realmuto, Nick Castellanos, and Kyle Schwarber right off the bat, they should be fine.

Oh, and future Hall of Famer Bryce Harper will join the team soon.

Miami Marlins: #MakeItMiami

Could the Marlins breakout in 2023? Behind the CY Young winner Sandy Alcantara, there is a lot of youth with high ceilings in the rotation. Not to mention the signing of veteran Johnny Cueto. The lineup doesn’t quite jump off the page, but with Avisail Garcia and Jacob Stallings heading them up, they could surprise.

The shake-up of the MLB schedule will end up helping the lower-tier teams more than most would think.

Washington Nationals: #NATITUDE

Quite possibly the best hashtag in the NL East, the Nationals have the longest odds to take the division. And that’s about it.

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals: #STLCards

A good hashtag is clever but there is also something to be said about simplicity. The Cardinals are one of the premier franchises in baseball considering they’ve won the second-most World Series. Of the MLB hashtags, STLCards is as straightforward as can be and it fits this franchise.

Watch out for Jordan Walker this year. He could be really special.

Milwaukee Brewers:#ThisIsMyCrew

The Brew Crew has plenty to be proud of heading into 2023 but they’re aiming for more. Can Christian Yellich get back to his elite ways? Was trading for Jesse Winker the right move? The NL Central looks to be wide open and they are easily better than the bottom three teams.

Chicago Cubs: #NextStartsHere

The Cubs haven’t been able to get back to their great play of a few years ago and broke up the band. It was disappointing but it had to be done. One would think that they would steer into the rebuild and just rest on their laurels to develop but they were one of the more active teams in free agency this year. Can they fight for the division?

Pittsburgh Pirates: #LetsGoBucs

The Pittsburgh Pirates are going to be an interesting team in 2023. O’Neil Cruz looks like he has the makings to be a real star beside Ke’Bryan Hayes. Andrew McCutchen is back! Carlos Santana is going to mash. Canaan Smith-Njigba’s brother is going to be a first-round NFL Draft pick. It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure.

Cincinnati Reds: #ATOBTTR

And then there’s the Reds. It’s been a year with “Where Ya Gonna Go” and the animosity toward the ownership has yet to calm down. The rotation is incredibly top-heavy but when that top features Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, and Graham Ashcraft, there are plenty of wins on the table for Cincinnati.

Here’s to hoping that when future Hall of Famer Joey Votto returns, he, Jonathan India, and Tyler Stephenson can remain healthy.

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers: #HereToPlay

What’s to say? The Dodgers are going to be good and will likely fight for the NL Pennant all year.

San Diego Padres: #BringTheGold

Know how NFL owners are glaring at Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns for that ridiculous contract? Small-market teams have to be looking at the Padres the same way. They’ve shown that they don’t care about market size and continue to sign big names. With the likes of Fernando Tatis, Jr. (when he returns), Manny Machado, and Juan Soto, this Padres team will win a lot.

San Francisco Giants: #SFGiants

The bombers by the Bay have another uphill battle in a strong division but they believe that they can compete year in and year out. Logan Webb is one of the top aces in the game and is as good as any.

Arizona Diamondbacks: #ArizonaBorn

Not many teams elect to sign their young stars super duper early but the Diamondbacks are not many teams. Corbin Carroll looks like he’s going to be a star but the two agreed to a massive extension after he appeared in just over 30 games. Plus, they have Christian Walker on the infield. They’ll be better than anticipated.

Colorado Rockies: #Rockies

Simple. Easy. #Rockies is as good and easy as it gets if you’re looking for the Colorado Rockies hashtag. It’s going to be an interesting year in the Mile High City, that much is for sure.

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AL East

New York Yankees: #RepBX

The Bronx Bombers are favorites to take the AL East and will likely contend for the AL Pennant as they do almost yearly. Aaron Judge is one of the best in the game, Garrett Cole is an elite ace, and they’ve begun a youth movement. Another 100 wins for the Yankees is possible in 2023.

Boston Red Sox: #DirtyWater

This one is unique. One would think a simple #RedSox or even a #BoSox would work. Nope. Either way, Boston had a down year last year and are looking to get back on it. In a rough division, they won’t be able to afford to slip.

Toronto Blue Jays: #NextLevel

Our friends from the Great White North are the lone non-Continental U.S. franchise and they’ll make some noise in 2023. Vladimir Guerrero, Jr is already a transcendent star and is certainly following in his father’s footsteps. They’ll be fighting with the Yankees for the division this year.

Tampa Bay Rays: #RaysUp

The franchise that perfected the small-market approach of trading away expensive pieces for youth, developing them, and repeating, the Rays continue to be a fun team to watch. Wander Franco and Randy Arozarena are an exciting duo. The Rays have the fourth-lowest payroll in 2023 but the three below them are not exactly interested in winning this year.

Baltimore Orioles: #Birdland

Last year’s feel-good story, the Orioles sure hope that they can take the momentum from their exciting stretch and turn a good year. Between Adley Rutschman and the new Gunnar Henderson, the Orioles lineup is going to be fun with these young guys.

AL Central

Cleveland Guardians: #ForTheLand

Initially expected to fight for the bottom of the division, the Guardians shocked the world and messed around and took the AL Central. Shane Beiber is a monster and closer Emmanuel Clase is expected to lead the way in saves. At first, Jose Ramirez is a problem and Steven Kwan is going to back up his Rookie of the Year-type of season with another strong season.

Minnesota Twins: #MNTwins

The Twins went into 2022 as the favorites but faltered. Regardless, Minny is back and ready to contend. #MNTwins is as succinct and to-the-point as can be and is one of the better MLB hashtags this year.

Kansas City Royals: #WelcomeToTheCity

After mashing a ridiculous 48 home runs in 2021, Salvador Perez came back down to Earth in 2022. Can he have another crazy year? Either way, the Royals have a lot of players who are seemingly past their prime but are still solid contributors. It will be interesting to watch what happens in those baby blues.

Detroit Tigers: #RepDetroit

A team I was 100% wrong about in 2022, the Tigers lost 96 games in 2022 but look to be a little better in 2023. Honestly, #RepDetroit is all about being proud of where you’re from. It’s Miguel Cabrera’s last hurrah to the Tigers will do their best to send off one of the greatest to ever wear the Detroit uniform on a high note.

Chicago White Sox: #WhiteSox

It felt like there was a culture war between manager Tony LaRussa and his team. The White Sox play a fun game and guys like Tim Anderson are leading the charge to #LetTheKidsPlay. Meanwhile, LaRussa was a no-nonsense, old-school type and they seemingly butt heads. Either way, the Southsiders are going to be fun yet again in 2023. Will they win a lot? That’s to be determined.

AL West

Houston Astros: #Ready2Reign

Your reigning World Series Champions are #Ready2Reign and defend their title. No team in MLB has been as dominant over the last six years where they have won two World Series and made another two while making the ALCS twice. Sign-stealing scandal or no, the Astros remain one of the best teams in baseball.

Los Angeles Angels: #GoHalos

The Halos are home to two of the best players in all of baseball yet haven’t made the playoffs in years. Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani deserve better. Let’s hope for all of our sake that the two can remain healthy all year and we can see them playing into October before Ohtani jumps on I-5 for 30 miles and joins the Dodgers next year.

Seattle Mariners: #SeaUsRise

For the first time since 2001, the Mariners made the playoffs in 2022. While they were swept out of the ALDS, it was a season to remember for the Mariners. They have a young stud in Julio Rodriguez and a legit ace in Luis Castillo. The Mariners are going to be exciting and worth the watch this year.

Texas Rangers: #StraightUpTX

Last year, the Rangers spent in free agency but to no avail. This year, they made one of the biggest splashes in all of baseball and poached Jacob deGrom away from the Mets. Oh, they’ve also got Nathan Eovaldi and Jon Gray to go with Corey Seager at short. This is an incredibly tough division but don’t expect the Rangers to lie down and take it.

Oakland A’s: #Athletics

Tried and true within MLB hashtags, just go for your mascot! Well, when you’re sporting a payroll lower than the cost of a mid-sized sedan, there really isn’t much to do in terms of marketing. Here’s to hoping Oakland can field a competitive team or else we are going to see rumblings that they’re being relocated to Las Vegas.

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