LWOSports 2023 MLB O/U Tracker

With Spring Training underway, the 2023 MLB O/U win totals have been released. Here at LWOSports, we have you covered with the best betting advice regarding the 2023 MLB O/U totals. We will update this page as each and every new piece is published!

Check back at the end of the season to tell us how great (or how poorly) we did!

LWOSports 2023 MLB O/U Win Totals Tracker

NL East

Atlanta Braves (95.5)

The Atlanta Braves won 88 games in 2021 and went on to win a harrowing World Series Championship against the Houston Astros. 2022 saw the Braves crest the vaunted 100-win mark in the regular season, only to lose in the division series. The 2023 Atlanta Braves O/U is currently set at 95.5, according to Fanduel. With a healthy MVP candidate in Ronald Acuna Jr. and depth in most categories, there are four big reasons why the Braves will top the OVER…READ MORE

Philadelphia Phillies (88.5)

The Philadelphia Phillies have had their set of struggles in the past ten years. Before the 2022 season, the Phillies had not made the postseason since 2011. This past year was a turnaround season for the team. They went 87-75 and made a trip to the World Series to end their season. The Phillies had reason to hope for an effective season entering last year, but they have even more reason to expect great things from their team for the 2023 season. According to FanDuel, the Philadelphia Phillies O/U is set at 88.5 wins this coming season. This team will hit the OVER by several games…READ MORE

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals (88.5)

The St. Louis Cardinals finished the 2022 regular season with 93 wins, their most since 2015 when they won 100 games. Unfortunately, they ultimately got swept in two games by the Philadelphia Phillies in the Wild Card series. They come into the season with that in the rear-view mirror and hope to capitalize on this new-feel club. According to FanDuel, the current 2023 St. Louis Cardinals O/U is set at 88.5 wins coming into the season. Not only will this team hit the OVER, but they’ll do it by a handful games. There’s a lot to be excited about with Cardinals baseball heading into the season…READ MORE

Milwaukee Brewers (86.5)

The 2023 Milwaukee Brewers O/U currently sits at 86.5 per FanDuel. Quite a low number for a team that has achieved 86 wins in each of the last five full seasons. So what would cause the sportsbooks to think that is the ceiling for the Brewers this year? More importantly, why are they right? The Brewers have found success in the regular season in recent years. This year, however, I feel as if the Brewers start their downfall…READ MORE

Chicago Cubs (76.5)

Since the magical 2016 season that saw the Chicago Cubs finally end a 108-year drought of World Series Championships, the franchise held its winning ways for only a few years. The past couple of seasons marked the departure of many faces from that World Series team and cratered the team’s record in the process. Though Fanduel forecasts a pessimistic 76.5 O/U, there are four reasons the Chicago Cubs will trot out the definition of a “solid” club, and this new look 2023 Cubs will jump the OVER on 76.5 O/U…READ MORE

Cincinnati Reds (65.5)

For just the second time in its storied history, the Cincinnati Reds lost 100 games in 2022. It was a long, frustrating year for all who enjoy baseball’s first team, but could there be light at the end of the tunnel? The current 2023 Cincinnati Reds O/U is set at 65.5 wins, according to FanDuel. There are four reasons why this year’s edition will smash the OVER…READ MORE

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers (96.5)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have virtually owned the National League West for the past several years. This juggernaut of analytic prowess and stacked payroll turned in four 100-win seasons since 2017. Such a track record might be why Fanduel has the team’s O/U at 96.5. But this is a new look Dodgers, and there are three key factors why the 2023 Los Angeles Dodgers will hit the UNDER on a predicted 96.5 wins…READ MORE

San Diego Padres (93.5)

You might be thinking, “why would I bet on the Padres to win 94 games?”. I agree it is a high number. The Padres haven’t won 94 games since their last World Series appearance in 1998. However, this Padres team feels like the team that can do it. So much so, at +500 odds to win the NL, the Padres bring good value for bettors in 2023. Here are a few reasons why I believe the 2023 San Diego Padres O/U over tickets will cash this summer….READ MORE

San Francisco Giants (81.5)

There is reason to think that the San Francisco Giants will be better in 2023 than they were in 2022…In 2022, the Giants record was 81-81. The Philadelphia Phillies took the final NL Wild Card spot with an 87-75 season. If the Giants could have added just seven more wins, they would have been in the playoffs. And if a few little things had gone right, they might have done it.

The Giants will be better in 2023 if they can get a few things together. Below are three reasons to think it may happen…READ MORE

Arizona Diamondbacks (75.5)

The Arizona Diamondbacks have quietly built up a good, young nucleus of talent just sitting in their pipeline. Whenever people frame their predictions for the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres come to mind as the two top dogs. While the Diamondbacks are definitely not knocking on the doorstep of the consistent contenders in the National League, I can assure you they will soar over FanDuel’s projected 75.5 wins for the 2023 season…READ MORE

AL East

New York Yankees (94.5)

The New York Yankees triumphed in 102 baseball games in 2022, but exactly zero out of those 102 came when they needed it most. A sweep at the hands of their arch-rival Houston Astros rendered an impressive 99-win regular season from the Bronx Bombers meaningless and exposed the deficiencies that had plagued New York all year. Vegas agrees that the Yankees downturn is only beginning, setting the line at 94.5 wins for 2023. However, the Yankees O/U is too low to make the under good value. Here’s why…READ MORE

Baltimore Orioles (76.5)

From July 3rd to the end of the 2022 season, the Baltimore Orioles played at a 94-win pace. Naturally, it seems odd that Vegas would set their 2023 Orioles win total at only 76.5 games. However, the Orioles have some flaws that make this line a very good one, and actually one that might be a little too high. Here’s why the Orioles will go under in 2023…READ MORE

AL Central

Cleveland Guardians (87.5)

There aren’t too many better things in life than a summer day in downtown Cleveland, either in the bleachers of Progressive Field or across the street at the Thirsty Parrot, cheering on a Cleveland Guardians team that’s playing well. In their first season with the flying G logo and a new name — honoring one of the city’s bridges — the baseball team in Northeast Ohio exceeded everyone’s expectations…READ MORE

Detroit Tigers (68.5)

The Detroit Tigers have been struggling over the past decade including a 114-loss season in 2019. They have not had a winning record since 2016 when they went 86-75 and have not made the American League playoffs since 2014 when they went 90-72. And last year was no different…With some excitement going into last year, with free agent additions, one of the best farm systems in the league and a division in the American League Central being open for the taking, last year was a massive disappointment. So where does this team differ and how can this team out-produce the projections and win more than the 68.5 games that FanDuel currently has them…READ MORE

Kansas City Royals (68.5)

Spring offers hope for every team, yet only a few of them can have realistic hope at contention. While the Kansas City Royals might not fit into that category, here are three reasons why they will hit the over on their projected 68.5 wins…READ MORE

AL West

Houston Astros (97.5)

The defending champion Houston Astros obviously had a very successful 2022 campaign. Winning an American League-best 106 games, the team cruised into the playoffs and won their second World Series title in franchise history. With a season as successful as this one and a team as vaunted as this one, will they repeat their 2022 success? According to FanDuel, the Astros O/U is set at 97.5 wins for the 2023 season.

Here are three comprehensive reasons why you have to take the OVER on the Astros win total for this year…READ MORE

Seattle Mariners (86.5)

The 2023 Seattle Mariners O/U win total has been set at 86.5 per FanDuel. A fairly high number in regard to previous Mariners teams. However, the 2023 Mariners are not like previous teams…It isn’t an easy task to repeat what they were able to accomplish last season. Playing in the same division as the defending World Series champs Houston Astros, who have proven to be the cream of the crop in the American League the last half dozen years. They also have to compete with the newly looked Texas Rangers, and the star power of Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani in Los Angeles. The 2023 Seattle Mariners O/U doesn’t necessarily have to hit to get back to the postseason this year, but it sure would make life easier in the Pacific Northwest if it does…READ MORE

Oakland Athletics (59.5)

The Oakland Athletics have been projected to win only 59.5 games in 2023 by FanDuel, but they keep getting worse as an organization, and it seems highly questionable that they will win even that many. They made the playoffs each year from 2018-2020, but things have gone downhill since then. Now, they seem to be in financial trouble. Just how interested the ownership is in winning is a question that cannot be answered…READ MORE