Fantasy Become Reality: Lakers Vs. Clippers

Los Angeles Becomes the Battleground For Biggest Stage in Basketball

After Bleacher Report released a video of what things might be like if the Los Angeles Clippers drafted Stephen Curry first overall in the 2009 NBA draft, NBA fans began to think of what could have been. What would Los Angeles basketball be like if it had Stephen Curry and LeBron James going head to head in the same city? Well, fans now are getting their wish. Well, sort of. The Bleacher Report fantasy will become a reality as Los Angeles becomes the battleground for the biggest stage in basketball in Lakers Vs. Clippers.

Los Angeles Becomes the Battleground For Biggest Stage in Basketball

Bleacher Report’s Fantasy

A few weeks ago, Bleacher Report released a video presenting what if the Los Angeles Clippers took Stephen Curry number one in the 2009 NBA draft instead of Blake Griffin. The video released by Bleacher Report gave the fans a glimpse into how the NBA landscape might be altered if Curry went to the Clippers instead of the Golden State Warriors.

The video displayed how Curry became unstoppable for the Clippers similarly to the way he did with the Warriors. However, since Curry was now playing for the Clippers in Los Angeles, his name became bigger along with his image and brand. As a result of Curry’s success, the Clippers became invincible.

Then, the video exhibited James going to the Los Angeles Lakers, “making Los Angeles the true battleground;” “Curry was David and James was Goliath.” In the video, Los Angeles became the front for the biggest stage in basketball. Los Angeles was James vs. Curry.

In the video, Bleacher Report compares the ancient story of David and Goliath to LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry. In the Biblical story of David and Goliath, Goliath was a giant defeated in combat by the young David. James’ six foot eight frame and his muscular physique makes him Goliath. Curry is only six foot three and has more of a lean and frail body physique compared to the rest of the players in the NBA; making him a perfect David.

While LeBron James did, in fact, take his talents to Los Angeles last summer to play for the Lakers, Curry to this day remains a member, and the focal point, of the Warriors. So NBA fans would not get to see this unbelievable alternate universe become a reality.

Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers Makes Los Angeles an Epic Battle of the Basketball World

Although NBA fans will most likely never get to see James and Curry go head to head in Los Angeles, they will indeed get to witness Los Angeles become a battleground between arguably two of the most prominent players in the NBA: LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard.

Next season NBA fans will get to watch James and Leonard turn Los Angeles into the forefront of the biggest stage in basketball; James leading the Lakers will face off with Leonard leading the Clippers.

Since James is Goliath and Curry is not actually on the Clippers, who does that make Leonard? Well, Leonard is six-foot-seven and has a muscular physique.

James and Curry have two opposite styles of play. James can shoot the ball well but not as effortlessly as Curry. However, James, with his bigger frame, can drive the ball to the hoop, while Curry can drive but does not as often because it is not his strength.

But, James and Leonard’s styles are not as far apart. They can both shoot the ball as well as drive the ball to the basket. The only significant difference is Leonard is a much better defender than James. Therefore, Leonard is more like Goliath. Everyone knows what happened when Goliath went up against David. But what happens when Goliath fights another Goliath? We will find out soon.

Adding Depth to the Rivalry

And it gets better. Both superstars, James and Leonard, will have all-stars playing along with them. The Lakers acquired all-star Anthony Davis this past June. Davis, last season, averaged 25.9 points and 12 rebounds, making him arguably the best big man in basketball today.

Right after the Clippers signed Leonard, they traded for all-star Paul George. George had a monstrous season last year with the Oklahoma City Thunder. George averaged 28 points, making him second best in the league in terms of points. Now both the Lakers and Clippers will have Robins to their Batmans.

Which Los Angeles team will prevail?

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