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My name is Ethan Halle. I am a 16 year old and attend Walt Whitman High School in Huntington, New York.
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Do Not Be Fooled by the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Hot Start

After another Toronto maple Leafs hot start to the season, fans should not be fooled by the Toronto Maple Leafs' hot start to the season.

The New Jersey Devils’ Incredible Offseason

The New Jersey Devils Incredible Offseason puts them in a position to return to the progress they abandoned last season and become a real threat in the NHL.

Edmonton Oilers Win The James Neal-Milan Lucic Trade

The Edmonton Oilers send forward Milan Lucic to the Calgary Flames for foward James Neal.The Oilers are winners in the James Neal-Milan Lucic Trade.

Los Angeles Becomes the Battleground For Biggest Stage in Basketball

Fantasy becomes reality as Los Angeles becomes the battleground for the biggest stage in basketball in Lakers Vs Clippers.

Toronto Raptors Have Risen to the Top Following Championship Win

Raptors Rise; After many disappointing years, Masai Ujiri's risky gamble paid off, and the Toronto Raptors have risen to the top following the NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals is Literally Drake Vs. The Warriors

So far through two games of the NBA finals, rather than a Raptors vs. Warriors series, it seems to be a Drake vs. The Warriors battle.

Kawhi Leonard Has Opportunity to Get Revenge Against Golden State

Kawhi Leonard will now have the opportunity for revenge against the Golden State Warriors and the Western Conference Finals in the upcoming NBA Finals.

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