Fields to the Patriots

Justin Fields to the Patriots: How New England Secures Their Future

The New England Patriots have run into a problem that they haven’t experienced in 20 years; what do we do at the quarterback position? The experiment of Cam Newton seems to have failed, although a reunion next season is far from out of the question. So where should the Patriots go next? Look no further than the 2021 NFL Draft. star QB Justin Fields to the Patriots should be a scenario on everyone’s mind. It’s an open door for both a young quarterback looking to prove himself and an aging coach looking for that final push.

NFL Draft Scenario: Justin Fields to the Patriots

Fields’ Projected Draft Position

There is some legitimate talent at the QB position in this year’s draft, which is why it’s been tough to pinpoint where Fields may go come April. Earlier this year, many believed Fields would be the consensus number two selection, headed to the Jets, as they attempt to rebuild their franchise as well. However, QBs such as Trey Lance and Zach Wilson have entered the mix, pushing Fields back to as far as eight or nine. Because of this, Justin Fields to the Patriots has become increasingly likely by the day.

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There are realistically five or six teams that COULD take a quarterback with their top 10 selection. The obvious teams being the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, and Jacksonville Jaguars, while teams such as the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos should be open to the idea but not set on it. With that being said, Fields is almost certainly going to go within the top 10. With that, the Patriots are almost certainly going to have to move up to take the Ohio State star.

Possible Trade Partners for the Patriots

New England should be looking to move up as far as they can in this draft. The top five should be where they target the most. However, any movement up is extremely beneficial to the Patriots and it will move them one step closer to grabbing who I believe will be the best quarterback to come out of the draft.

Cincinnati Bengals (Pick #5)

The Cincinnati Bengals are slated to pick at number five and the needs for this squad are fairly sporadic. However, they are certainly not looking to draft a quarterback, which is why the Patriots should swoop in and inquire. I think this is one of the best scenarios to get Justin Fields to the Patriots.

The Bengals’ offensive line was decimated last season, so many mockers believe this is the Bengals’ biggest need. But why not cut out the middle man? The Patriots have been looking to move Joe Thuney for a while now and they may have a trade partner waiting for them. Thuney is an exceptional guard talent who has excelled during his time as a Patriot.

The Patriots can create a package centered around Joe Thuney and their selection at #15, grabbing the top-five selection and Justin Fields in the process. The Bengals would get a top-end offensive guard and would move back just 10 picks with the option to select another offensive piece then.

Detroit Lions (Pick #7)

There would be some risk involved with trading with the Detroit Lions. First off, they need some significant help on offense, with nearly all of their receivers looking to move on. It does make sense for the Lions to keep put. However, the Patriots have a ton of draft capital that should be moveable this year.

The Lions are going through a major rebuild and may look to turn one big asset into some smaller ones. Their nod towards wide receiver this offseason will certainly tempt them to pick one of Ja’Marr Chase, Devonta Smith, or Jaylen Waddle. One of those three is almost certain to be available at #15, which should entice the Lions to move back a couple of spots to maintain steller future assets.

I think the Patriots can look to move up in the draft to pick seven, sending their 2021 first and a future first to Detroit. The Lions can still get their receiver along with some draft capital, while Justin Fields to the Patriots manifests and Belichick gets his starting quarterback.

Justin Fields to the Patriots Needs to Happen

This isn’t a draft in which Bill Belichick can sit back, wait for his pick to roll around, and take the best player. The Patriots are in some serious trouble when it comes to what their future holds. The departure of Tom Brady was almost certainly going to spell trouble for this team, but there are now some significant opportunities to stop the bleeding.

Justin Fields to the Patriots would not only help Bill Belichick’s questionable draft legacy, but I think with an improved surrounding cast on the offensive side, it would also push them back into the playoffs next season. It’s a move that needs to be done and not just a move that could be done.

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