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Four Free Agent Hitters Mets Should Sign

The New York Mets need an offensive upgrade for this upcoming season. After a disappointing 75-87 season in 2023, it’ll be vital to sign a free-agent hitter who could frequently produce from the team, and maybe even hit for power. Here are four free-agent hitters who fit well into this category.

Four Hitters Who Could Upgrade Mets Offense

Jorge Soler

This guy turned down his $9 million option for 2024 to be a free agent again.

Jorge Soler, 31, has 170 career home runs beginning in 2014 when he entered the big leagues. He is an outfielder who could play either left or right field while also playing the role of designated hitter. In 2022, his batting average was .207, but part of that was due to him missing more than half the season due to injury. However, last season he bounced back and shined offensively by slugging 36 home runs with a .341 average.

So, it’s not a given that Soler will be the same player he was early in his career or even his remarkable 2023 season. It is, however, a good fit for the Mets to consider.

Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson was once a fan favorite for the 2021 World Series-winning Atlanta Braves.

The 31-year-old left-handed outfielder is coming off a less productive season than his early years as a big-league player. Before 2023, he slugged 171 home runs with a .237 batting average. When 2023 came along, he only hit 15 home runs and his average was .235, a little below from what he had in seasons past.

Pederson, just like Soler, is a corner outfielder who can also play the designated hitter role. He was DHing more often last season than playing in the outfield because he was lacking defensively.

The characteristic of Pederson that really makes him fit well with the Mets is his postseason experience. The Mets could really use a guy like Pederson after they lacked the championship-type mentality last season. The question is whether or not they want to find a hitter to be utilized specifically as a designated hitter. If that’s the case, then Pederson is their guy.

Teoscar Hernández

An interesting option, but a reliable one nonetheless.

Teoscar Hernández is a 31-year-old one-time All-Star outfielder. He is also a two-time Silver Slugger Award winner. What helped win those awards was his ability to hit for power. He has hit 25+ home runs in four of the eight seasons he has played.

Now, here is the interesting part. Hernández is the type of hitter who tends to swing at so many pitches, strikes or not. Also, there are times when he could make an error in the corner outfield positions. So in other words, he has some flaws.

What makes Hernández reliable is his ability to hit lefties. He holds an MLB-leading .626 slugging percentage against left-handed pitchers. That’s definitely something the Mets should look at carefully.

Hernández isn’t really going to cost so much, so the Mets should really think about all these statistics if they want to perform better offensively.

Tommy Pham

Mets fans should definitely remember this guy very well.

Tommy Pham was on the Mets last season until he got traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are the 2023 National League champions.

Yes, by now everyone should know about his comments on the team’s work ethic, but let’s not let that get in the way of why this would be a good reunion. Statistically, he excelled last season with 16 home runs with a .256 average, including 22 stolen bases. Overall, he has been solid offensively and defensively as an outfielder.

Pham will be turning 36 before the start of the regular season. A good expectation of what it could cost for a Mets reunion would probably be around $6 million or a little more on a one-year deal. That wouldn’t be bad for a guy who could potentially be a starter in the outfield at best.

What Specific Upgrade The Current Mets Offense Could Use

We know that with the exception of the 101-win team in 2022, the Mets offense has been in need of an upgrade for a while. One way to look at it would be that they could use another “big-bat” in the lineup, whether or not Pete Alonso gets extended. You could say they need a valuable designated hitter after they parted ways with Daniel Vogelbach. Whatever the case may be, it is noticeable that the above-mentioned free agents are all outfielders who have the ability to hit.

Main Image: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

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