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Ranking the Top 5 Canadian Pro Teams By Social Media Following

Social media is a powerful, powerful tool that Canadian pro teams utilize to grow their brands and to reach out to new fans. Professionally, the Great White North is home to seven NHL teams, three MLS teams, and a team in the NBA, MLB, and professional rugby league.

Canadian pro teams can reach millions upon millions of fans for all kinds of purposes but a few stand above the crowd.

Top Canadian Pro Teams by Social Media Following

5. Vancouver Canucks: 2.85M+

Facebook: 928k
Twitter: 1.1M
Instagram: 571k
TikTok: 258.8k

Hockey is king in Canada, let’s just get that out of the way. Checking in with just over 2.85 million followers across the four major social media platforms, the Vancouver Canucks check in as the fifth-most popular pro team.

Initially founded in 1945 as a PCHL club, the Canucks eventually gained access to the NHL in 1970 as an expansion franchise. Since they began NHL play, the Canucks earned 10 division championships, three conference championships, and just two President’s Cups. In that time, Vancouver has yet to hoist the Stanley Cup.

4. Montreal Canadiens: 4.46M+

Facebook: 1.6M
Twitter: 1.6M
Instagram: 922k
TikTok: 344.6k

Les Canadiens de Montreal clock in as the fourth-most popular of the Canadian pro teams. As the second-largest populated area in Canada, it only makes sense that Montreal would love its NHL club.

The Canadiens are one of the Original Six and have been playing organized hockey since 1910. In those first seven years, Montreal played in the NHA before forming the NHL. In all that time, the Canadiens have won 24 division titles, eight conference titles, and 24 Stanley Cups. They haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1993, however.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs: 4.94M+

Facebook: 1.3M
Twitter: 2M
Instagram: 1.2M
TikTok: 443.6k

The largest market in Canada is home to each of the top three Canadian pro teams. The only professional team from Toronto to not crack the top five is Toronto FC, the MLS club. Oddly enough, even though hockey is the major export, the Toronto Maple Leafs fall behind the two primarily American sports.

Starting off in 1917, the Arenas/St. Patricks/Maple Leafs were one of the Original Six NHL franchises. In all that time, the Maple Leafs have won just eight division titles but have hoisted the Stanley Cup 13 times. Unfortunately for Maple Leaf fans, it’s been since 1967 that Toronto won it all.

2. Toronto Blue Jays: 5.93M+

Facebook: 1.7M
Twitter: 2.4M
Instagram: 1.5M
TikTok: 334k

The American pastime checks in as the second-most popular professional team from the North. As Major League Baseball’s lone non-Continental 48 states’ team (currently), the Toronto Blue Jays clock in as number two in the city of Toronto.

The Blue Jays began play in 1977 and just about nothing has changed; they’ve been an AL East team for the entire time. Living in the shadow of the Yankees and Red Sox is difficult, the Toronto has made due.

They’ve won the AL East six times, clinched a Wild Card spot three times, secured the AL Pennant twice, and won the World Series both times. Recently, the Blue Jays are home to a few of baseball’s most exciting players like Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. Since winning it all in back-to-back years, the Blue Jays have yet to get back. The best betting sites in Canada give the Blue Jays the second-best odds to take the division in 2023 but they’ll have to get through the favored Yankees.

  1. Toronto Raptors: 9.24M+

Facebook: 2.5M
Instagram: 3.9M
TikTok: 348k

And, with nearly twice as many followers as any other team, the NBA’s Toronto Raptors lead the way. Basketball may not be a uniquely American sport, as evidenced by the Raptors raking in followers.

The Raptors began play as recently as 1995 and the name was influenced by the popular movie, Jurassic Park, oddly enough. Overall, it took Toronto to catch on as they finally managed to win a divisional title in 2007. In 28 seasons, the Raptors made it to The Finals just once. However, that 2019 series against the Golden State Warriors was as exciting as any as Kawhi Leonard etched his name as a Raptors legend despite spending just one year with the team.

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