Building the Defense for the Anaheim Ducks Priority

The Anaheim Ducks are a rebuilding team; in this case, they should have the resources to be an adequate team. For many reasons attached to this theory, the central aspect of rebuilding a roster has to be focused on the defensive section of the franchise, which would undoubtedly increase the credibility of the roster and the franchise in general. Many players would be attracted to playing in a competitive but strong hockey market on a winning note. Not to mention the accolades it would have on players such as Trevor Zegras and Leo Carlsson.

However, touching base on a crucial rebuild where the Ducks management has two first-round draft picks in the 2024 NHL Draft Selection would mean that the team is looking carefully into what or who they may acquire to become a competitive club overall. The first question is, will they select a defenseman with the third pick overall in the draft? If so, what will they do with their second pick late in the first round?

Will they make a splash and try to acquire a top-four defenseman that would complement their current setup of defensemen, or select a steady up-coming defenseman with potential in the draft itself? The question is out there, and the fact that they would need to revamp the defensive aspect of the team will ensure that the rebuild will be a well-thought-out plan by general manager Pat Verbeek. Following this system will give the roster and the team a chance to withhold leads throughout the games played and provide ample opportunities for the current top-six forwards to play the game according to their style in the coming seasons.

The Defensive Aspect of the Anaheim Ducks Should be a Top Priority


The Benefit of Working on the Defensive Side of the Roster

The scenario of working on the defensive side of a team stems from the work of brilliant general managers who have worked in the league. The primary base of building a team is the defensive side, where the Anaheim management has done an excellent job of procuring steady players in the draft, with the depth of prospects attached to this system. Building a prime defense aspect would also ensure many good qualities for the team.

Another option for the Anaheim Ducks would be to secure a goaltending chip and tandem, which the Ducks roster currently has at its disposal. However, looking to the future, which the team is doing, and making moves at this point will give the roster and the team a tool to work with, including being an agile defending team. The most important part of this rebuild will ensure that the forwards can commit to the team and provide the goal-scoring touch desperately needed for the club.

Evaluating the Defensemen on the Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks’ current defense could be more adequate. It needs to improve drastically because it would have depth, speed, and power, attached with plenty of grit. Cam Fowler had the scoring touch for the defensemen on the team, and Radko Gudas brought the grit as the top defensive line for the Ducks roster.

The addition of Olen Zellweger has brought more grit to the team speedily and skillfully, but the young defenseman will need time to evolve as a player. Pavel Mintyukov had a good season as a defenseman for the Anaheim Ducks, but would it make sense to use the draft pick and the young prospect in a trade package that would secure an elite defenseman?

William Lagesson did not have a productive season, so he may be an expendable piece if push comes to shove. However, he did have a plus/minus score of +3 for the season, which may be an encouraging outlook for the team. Jackson LaCombe had a somewhat productive season this past year, which makes him more expendable, but would it make sense to give him a fresh start with another club because of his numbers and possibly trade value that would be present? As a young defenseman, as well.

Gustav Lindstrom was a plus+12 this past season; however, his numbers could have been more productive, in one’s opinion, a vital area of productivity for his age and size. The most significant part of the rebuild will be how the Anaheim Ducks management and coaching staff can get the players on board and work within the system that will define the franchise itself.

Main Image: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

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