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3 Reasons Why the Anaheim Ducks Should Not Trade Trevor Zegras

There is no doubt, Trevor Zegras is a talented hockey player, especially since making a name for himself with the Anaheim Ducks. However, there have been certain rumors of Zegras being traded from the team because of whether he would fit in with the Ducks squad, to a franchise willing to accept his gameplay style.

His gameplay is unique in general, with a broad commitment to scoring goals and having the type of playmaking ability that complements other players at an elite level. The style Zegras plays with possesses speed, nifty stickwork, and a level of grittiness that the Anaheim Ducks roster and club, in general, can benefit from.

His value is somewhat under-matched by the rumors and is not promoting his gameplay the way it should be promoted in a sense that takes away from his on-ice credibility. Given that he had his differences with management, particularly Pat Verbeek of the Anaheim Ducks. Trevor Zegras is still a valuable player, no matter where he plays.

Why the Ducks Should Not Trade Away Trevor Zegras

Trevor Zegras is Affected by the Trade Rumors

In an interview with Eric Stephans of the Athletic, obtained by staff, Trevor Zegras said the following regarding the rumors afloat in the NHL about his future with the Anaheim Ducks franchise:

“You see it. It’s hard not to see. Sucks. I think you can always control what you can control. When there are certain teams that there are rumors too, obviously it goes in a different direction so to speak.”

From these words, you can tell that Zegras’ feelings about the rumors are definitely taking away from the team and have been a huge distraction that has led to the Ducks roster faltering during the 2023/24 regular season. His words seem sincere enough that he wants to remain a Duck and give the team 100% of his effort to the franchise alone and as a teammate.

With more words from Trevor Zegras in the interview, he also said:

“I mean, obviously, Pat is great at his job. You see the guys that he’s brought in here and the guys that he’s drafted. I got a lot of faith in Pat. I know he’ll do what’s best for this team. Whether or not we talk, I know he’s always got the best interest of the Ducks and what’s best for this team. Kind of just let him do his thing and try to play the best hockey you can.”

Zegras’ goal at this point is to play hockey at the best level he can, even though he was plagued by a groin and ankle injury this past year. Those injuries took from his normal style of hockey on the ice. But the fact that he was able to rebound near the end of the season and record a decent number of points in the last 10 games played shows the character he has and is used to playing with.

Trevor Zegras is a Good Fit on the Anaheim Ducks Roster

Zegras’ future with the Anaheim Ducks may be uncertain. However, he is still a leader in the locker room and knows how to play as part of a team with his unique gameplay that the fans have come to like. His broad attitude in scoring goals the fancy way will define the newer generation of the NHL, however, the structure it gives the team and the league itself helps the reasons to build a team around him.

More so, Zegras is a competent forward and player in general who has the resources to help his teammates on-ice and in the locker room with the type of attitude and leadership discussed in the interview presented above to give him a second chance on the team. Trevor Zegras deserves to be an Anaheim Duck, and possibly Captain of the team, which shows the depth and character of the forward.

When talking about depth, the team has its veterans to lead the way, not only John Gibson, who has been the center of trade talks himself for years, much like Trevor Zegras. At this point, however, it may seem doubtful that he will be traded to another team because of the circumstances surrounding the netminder.

This is where Zegras will relate to the superstar goaltender and management can reflect on the positives for the superstar forward. He’s an agile forward, with a great skating ability that complements the youth on the team. He’s often making plays for the depth pieces on the team that would involve the veteran forwards and defensemen on the team as well.

Zegras’ Hockey Skills Will Benefit the Younger Core and Depth of the Team From History

Given that, Trevor Zegras’ numbers fell this past season due to injury. Coming back healthy next season will project his numbers to soar to an elite player once again. Not to mention, the experience under his belt will be aided by the free agency signings to be made by the Anaheim Ducks management during the 2024 NHL Free Agency.

In this instance, a combination of younger players playing alongside seasoned veterans such as Alex Killorn and John Gibbson will be enticing. They’re two players who bring a Championship pedigree and acquiring players with ample playoff experience has the benefits of improving the roster drastically.

From record, this will help evolve the players and complement each other’s game. As an example, the Chicago Blackhawks of the 2015 championship had the pedigree of a combination of youth and veterans. Additionally, recent back-to-back winners of the Stanley Cup Championship the Tampa Bay Lightning were put together in a manner as a team that excelled through the playoffs twice.

This is where the combination of having Trevor Zegras playing alongside a couple of well-seasoned veterans will help evolve his gameplay. His will to win with the Anaheim Ducks is there and is a threat to any team when the chemistry is unfolding on the ice during the games played.

Main Image: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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