4 Free Agents the Anaheim Ducks Should Sign

A star-studded lineup of players will be testing the free agency market, and this will be a golden opportunity for the Anaheim Ducks to capitalize on the spectacle.

The 2024 NHL season is slowly but surely ending, and for many hockey wonders, this means the upcoming 2024 NHL Draft Selection and then the 2024 Free Agency will be taking place around the same time of year in July. For many, this spectacle has many implications regarding who their respective team will draft and sign during the months leading up to the following year’s calendar. This gives the fans a vivid idea of who will join the franchise in the quest to win the most coveted trophy, the Stanley Cup.

In this article, we will take you through four players who the Anaheim Ducks should sign to be more agile with their lineup and, frankly, be able to compete on a nightly basis with a loaded roster. This is a broad range of players the team would pursue. However, the outcome of the free agency will determine the central aspect of the team’s need: toughness, accompanied by grit to the game, and, most importantly, leadership for the young roster the Anaheim franchise has amassed in the past few years.

A Group of 4 Solid Players Who Would Complement the Ducks Roster


Jake Geuntzel

His attributes are well-equipped for a goal-scorer’s touch and he has the speed to complement the young stars of the Ducks’ roster. He will be that added insurance of skill, with the competitiveness Anaheim needs to win games. He would be the ideal free agent to join the team and be the backbone of the young core of players who will rely on the leadership level and, most importantly, his gameplay to excel in the league.

After playing alongside the great Sidney Crosby, Jake has elevated his game to another level, so he will be that player who ensures that the goal-scoring level is met with determination and his playmaking ability. Guentzel is a talented hockey player, and the Anaheim Ducks will be incredibly good with his services added to the team’s level of gameplay. For one, this addition would be welcomed on both the club’s and the player’s part because of the chemistry it will brew for the franchise naturally.

Jason Zucker

Leaving the Pittsburgh Penguins team during free agency the year before must have been tough on Zucker’s part. Still, his gameplay, along with Jake Geuntzel’s, is a dream come true, especially for the two players to reunite and have that scoring ability attached to their respective games. Zucker is a gritty forward who knows how to score and make plays according to his teammates, and he will give the Ducks’ roster an added level of confidence in the team in general.

The Zucker and Geuntzel reunion would be mesmerizing because of the implications this would certainly have for the team in terms of winning games and, most importantly, goal-scoring on the forwards’ part. Playing together would benefit the players due to their well-known chemistry and unique friendship.


First, the defense core should be the main priority of the Anaheim Ducks general manager, Pat Verbeek, as it reiterates the common goal of all general managers to build a foundation. This would give the Ducks’ forwards an added level of confidence when playing against high-percentage teams, not to mention the added grittiness it would provide the club in general.

Nikita Zadorov

The first name that comes to mind is Nikita Zadorov. His height and gameplay level are evolving as a defenseman, and a chance to overlook the defensive corps would give the Anaheim Ducks a fresh look at scenarios regarding defending and special teams. His role would be more involved with the gameplay the Ducks will use and provide the necessary toughness and skill the defense system needs to win.

He would give the team a new meaning to competitiveness and a broader type of gameplay needed when the stakes are high. He would be another welcoming addition to the franchise and a replacement for the team’s future defensemen.

Chris Tanev

He is an all-around defenseman who can play the game with his tenacity and sharpness for his team. He is a challenging and gritty defenseman who can defend the zone with his gameplay. Tanev is a much-respected defenseman for a reason and is a coveted player on any team. He will give the franchise another look at defense options and provide the necessary defending the team needs when in tight situations, including winning games for the club.

Given his many years on his resume and playoff experience, Chris Tanev will provide the added leadership. He learns quickly and can adapt to any team he plays for, especially the Anaheim Ducks.

With the list of players entering free agency, the fans shall see how active the general manager and his team are and what surprises they can unfold for the franchise.

Main Image: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

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