Michael Hanich

I am a Sports writer/analyst based out of Orange Beach, Alabama. Graduated in the Spring of 2016 at Huntingdon College with a Bacheor's in Sports Management and a minor in Professional Communications. I will be going to University of South Alabama for a Master's Degree in Communications concentrated in Journalism. I write for a number of newspapers including my hometown of the Gulf Coast Media where I take statistics, information and theories and translate them into a broad but understandable sports article. My main interests of writing and analysis are College Football, the NFL Draft, College Basketball, the NBA, the MLB, Women's professional Soccer, the MLS, the NBA Draft, the Olympics, etc. I am a former college football player at Huntingdon (2012-2015). Played Defensive Line and Halfback/Fullback/Tight End. I have been making NFL mock Drafts since I was 13. Sports nerd and comic nerd.