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Frank is a huge sports fan. His favorite teams consist of the New York Yankees, Las Vegas Raiders and the Michigan Wolverines for each sport. He also follows basketball and hockey, as well as NASCAR. Frank also loves history, facts, stories and stats. He has his bachelors degree in history and loves talking sports.
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Most Memorable Postseason Moments Since 2010

With the 2023 MLB Regular Season soon coming to an exciting end and playoff spots still up for grabs, playoff baseball is almost here. Some...

America’s Pastime Is Back With Vengeance

Baseball (AKA America’s Pastime) over recent years had begun to become a bit less popular.

The Cardinals Hold The Keys For The Trade Deadline

The 2023 St. Louis Cardinals have been nothing short of depressing. At this point the team holds a 43-53 record and are holding the keys to the MLB trade deadline.

MLB Career Milestones We Can Still See In 2023

Each year, major career milestones are reached, from first hits to 3,000 hits. So far this year, we have seen Freddie Freeman, Andrew McCutchen, and...

Ted Williams To Luis Arraez: The Chase To Hit .400

The MLB has not seen a player hit a .400 average in a single season since Ted Williams in 1941 for the Boston Red Sox when he hit .406.

What’s Wrong With The San Diego Padres? Is There Hope?

The San Diego Padres have one of the most star-studded rosters in the MLB. They also own one of the worst records in the National League.

3 Reasons Why The Mets Season Could Be Over Already

The New York Mets have spent the most money in baseball since Steve Cohen’s ownership reign began in September 2021.

Why The Yankees Offense Is Lifeless

The New York Yankees Offense is lifeless. The Bronx Bombers are no longer around and the team does not bring fear into the opposing teams.

Is It Time To Panic With Chris Sale?

Chris Sale has been on the mound pitching in 2023 and so far has been healthy, but that has not stopped Boston Red Sox fans from panicking.

The Greatest MLB Opening Day Feats

Opening Day brings so much anticipation and so much excitement. Around baseball on that day, it's like a playoff game. With the chill in the air and the.

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