Another Option For NFL Fantasy: Super Bowl Prop Bets

In the inevitable letdown of a postseason Fantasy void, Fantasy Managers looking to fill their need for competitive gameplay might want to consider the number of prop bets offered for the big game.

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent wagering on bizarre novelty bets that cover every aspect of the big day in addition to the game itself and individual player performances. According to Forbes, In 2023, an estimated 50 million Americans wagered on the Super Bowl, and bets totaled an estimated $16 billion

Super Bowl LVIII: All About Prop Bets 

Once upon a time, NFL fans would be content simply betting on the outcome of the big game or the total number of points scored. However as the Super Bowl grew in popularity and became a global event, promoters were looking to capitalize on the entertainment value and attract even more viewers.

Legalized gambling offered an opportunity to broaden the appeal of the game, enticing and engaging even the non-sports fan. Suddenly, with every single aspect of the game under scrutiny as a potential wager, it wasn’t long before bets were being placed on who would be crowned the game MVP even before he could utter the words, “I’m going to Disneyland!”  

Now with their own financial stake, fans of the game could enjoy that winning feeling right along with their team. As the demand for playmaking options continued to soar, the parlay bet became a popular choice for dedicated NFL fans. A parlay allows an individual to make multiple bets on a single ticket, thereby increasing the payout amount for winners. If your designated picks score and match your wager, you reap the rewards. Some of the more popular wagers are parlay’s based on which team will be the first to score, how many total yards a wide receiver will achieve, or the number of sacks a designated defense will score.

Why Prop Bets Were Created 

But promoters still weren’t satisfied. They needed something fun that would appeal to everyone, not just sports fans. Consequently, prop bets were designed to be engaging for fans but easy enough for Grandma Betty to enjoy or appeal to Uncle George who prefers the Super Bowl commercials to the game.

The appeal of prop bets for many is that they’re not dependent on football knowledge. There are thousands of exotic novelty bets available that have absolutely nothing to do with football statistics or knowledge of the game.

As an example, one of the more popular bets over the last few years is placing a bet on the length of the national anthem with over and under odds based on past performances. Or, the wager can be as simple as who will win the coin toss or if will come up Heads or Tails. For someone looking for 50-50 odds, it doesn’t get any easier than the flip of a coin. 

The Most Unusual Prop Bets For Super Bowl Sunday

In recent years, things took a strange turn when hundreds of prop bets focusing on the most random things associated with the big game began popping up on betting sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

Known as “novelty” bets, these wagers have absolutely nothing to do with the game itself. Rather, the bets focus on anything even remotely connected to the Super Bowl such as the type of commercials or the halftime show. In the past, these whimsical prop bets have focused on the color of the Gatorade the winning coach would be showered with, and the first beer commercial to air. This year, odds are already being devoted to which of Usher’s songs he’ll choose to open the halftime show.  

In the run-up leading to this year’s Super Bowl, sports betting enthusiasts are undoubtedly going to be predicting what Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes will be wearing and whether the NFL’s MVB (Most Valuable Brother) Jason Kelce will once again appear shirtless in the stands.  

Everyone Enjoys the Big Game 

At the end of the day, anything that makes the Super Bowl even more interesting, accessible, and enjoyable is a good thing. For NFL fan purists, just watching an exciting game is enough – especially if your favorite team comes out with the win. Adding to the enjoyment of the game with a winning football square card or a prop bet becomes only the icing on the cake. But if even non-fans can enjoy the Big Game and share in the excitement of the greatest sport of all, then it’s a winning combination all around.  

Main Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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