An Elite Quarterback That Doesn’t Get The Respect He Deserves

The NFL has a bunch of good quarterbacks but only a handful are elite. There’s one quarterback that has proven he’s elite, but doesn’t get his respect.

Why This Elite Quarterback Deserves His Flowers

Don’t let the debate shows fool you. Dak Prescott is an elite quarterback and he’s proven himself. The star on his helmet leads to too much criticism, but he’s the type of guy you should want to lead your team.

With Prescott behind center, he takes the offense to a new level. In 2016, the Cowboys offense finished fifth in total offense and scoring. In 2019, they were first in YPG and sixth in scoring. In 2021, they were first in total offense and scoring.

As a starter, he has a 61-36 record and a 27-7 record against the NFC East. In the last two seasons, the Dallas Cowboys have won 12 games, which they haven’t done since the 1994-1995 season.

With him on the field, Dallas is a contender and a threat to anyone in the league. Without him, they’re 9-8 and a completely different team.

Prescott Compared To Other Elite Quarterbacks

Josh Allen has been a household name since he entered the league in 2018, and his and Prescott’s numbers are almost identical. Excluding the 2020 season because of a season-ending injury to Prescott, both quarterbacks have played in 60 games.

Prescott missed five games this past year. In those 60 games, Allen has 39 wins, and Prescott has 37. Prescott had a higher completion percentage in 2018, 2019, and 2021. Another interesting stat, both are 2-3 in the playoffs, if we ignore the 2020 season.

Since Justin Herbert entered the league in 2020, he’s been one of the most intriguing quarterbacks, but Prescott has probably been better. Despite Prescott missing five games their numbers are alike. They’re tied for wins in the last two seasons (19). Herbert has thrown for 63 touchdowns and only has three more than Prescott.

How about Aaron Rodgers? Since Prescott entered the league he hasn’t been that far off from Rodgers. Not including the 2017 and 2020 seasons due to season-ending injuries. Both quarterbacks have 50 wins and Rodgers only has two more playoff wins.

Turnover Machine?

No, Prescott is not a turnover machine. He had a string of interceptions which a few were bad luck. Receivers dropping and tipping passes, and miscommunication was a factor for the interception total. Despite an outlier year in interceptions, Prescott is tied with Joe Burrow (2.0) and has a lower interception percentage than Josh Allen (2.3), and Lamar Jackson (2.3), just to name a few.

Playoff Performances

Prescott isn’t to blame for the shortcomings in the playoffs, either. He has performed well enough to win and kept them competitive in each game. He struggled this past year against the San Francisco 49ers, but considering the lack of weapons outside of CeeDee Lamb and the injury to Tony Pollard, the Cowboys were undermanned.

In his rookie year against Rodgers, he trailed by 18 points going into the fourth quarter. Prescott and the offense tied the game with 35 seconds left to play. The defense needed one stop but gave up a 35-yard completion on 3rd & 20. Mason Crosby would hit a 51-yard field goal to win as time expired.

In the 2018 playoffs, he secured a Wildcard win against the Seattle Seahawks, the following week against the Los Angeles Rams, the defense allowed 459 yards of offense. Prescott would throw for 266 yards and one touchdown, the Cowboys would lose by eight.

Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past season, all eyes were on number four and the Cowboys. Prescott completed 76% of his passes and finished with five total touchdowns.

Prescott Needs Weapons

Throughout the season, Lamb was Prescott’s only consistent target. Noah Brown, who finished second in receiving, only had 555 yards. Michael Gallup, who was coming off an ACL injury, finished with 424 yards.

Despite his “worst” year statistically, Prescott still kept the Cowboys in a position to be a competitor and a threat in the NFC. With three weeks left in the season, they had a chance to snag the No.1 seed with help from others. After his return, they finished fourth in scoring offense (27.5 PPG), an 8-4 record, and a trip to the Divisional Round.


Cowboys fans, breathe and trust your quarterback. If it makes it any better, Prescott has had a better seven-year stretch than some greats like Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger. He’s also accomplished a lot more than it seems.

In 14 seasons, Tony Romo had four playoff appearances and won three division titles. Prescott has accomplished the same in just seven seasons and missed most of the 2020 season.

The Cowboys best chance of winning a Super Bowl is with Prescott. He’s a winner, a leader, and one of the best quarterbacks in the game. They’re one playmaker away from a Super Bowl appearance and Prescott is due for a big year.

Main Image: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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