A Bizarre Injury Twist Creates A Super Bowl Winner

As children, we all have dreams and it is fair to say that for the vast majority of us, most of them do not in fact come true. This certainly applies to Prince Tega Wanogho as he was determined to achieve some very clear objectives when he made the move from his native Nigeria to the United States.

Live good, be kind, work hard, ‘play in the National Basketball Association’ and simply ‘become the next LeBron James’. Worldwide betting companies will more than give decent long term odds on highly rated talents expected to make the next step, and even for the experienced punter, the media is awash of ‘ones to watch’ features when it comes to sport and that can only improve your chances of selecting the right odds and offers for your gamble.

A Bizarre Injury Twist Creates A Super Bowl Winner

Not too hard an ask was it, but things certainly turned out very differently for the 25 year old as he did not get to shine on the famed NBA courts as he hoped, he somehow ended up on the Gridiron and back in February, he became a Super Bowl winner with the Kansas City Chiefs as they were ably led to success under the charge of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Speaking this week, even though we are now in apply and preparations are well under way for the upcoming 2023 National Football League season, the offensive tackle admits he is still trying to get his head around how his life has gone, and his most recent achievement.

“I started playing football just to stay in shape. A lot of people have played for 10, 15 years and not been able to get to that stage – because that’s the biggest stage in (American) football. That’s something I get to brag about someday and tell people: ‘yeah, I did that’. It still feels like a dream to this day. There’s a lot of emotions just rolling.”

Outsiders will feel that Wanogho’s journey was almost scripted, spotted in 2014 by the organiser of a basketball camp, he was put in contact with a US based coach, and Todd Taylor ultimately became a father figure and played host when he made his move to the US having been awarded a basketball scholarship in Montgomery, Alabama.

His basketball dream was ultimately ended as he suffered a broken leg during his first season at the Edgewood Academy but he reflects on that by acknowledging that ‘God actually had a different plan’ for him, and it is clearly a plan he is making the most of now.
Edgewood ultimately had a back up plan for him. He had arrived in the US just in time for the football season and during his recovery it was decided that a switch to football would put less pressure on his injured leg (sounds bizarre I know) but he thrived.

“When I came to the United States, I didn’t know what American football was. I got a scholarship, played a year of high school football, so it was an easy decision, ‘OK, I’m gonna go to school, I’m gonna go to college’. I went to college and just stuck with it.”
Five odd years later he was in the 2020 NFL Draft and although the Philadelphia Eagles selected him as the 210th overall pick, there is further irony at play as they allowed him (one year later) to go on and join the team that would ultimately beat them in Super Bowl 57.

Sometimes it can feel like some people get all the luck.

Main Image: Michael Chow/The Republic

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