4 Reasons for an Arizona Cardinals Cinderella Season

The Arizona Cardinals are gearing up for an extraordinary season that holds the promise of a remarkable turnaround. With a combination of exceptional player acquisitions, Kyler Murray‘s highly anticipated recovery, a revamped defense led by Jonathan Gannon, and the promising talent of Zaven Collins, the stage is set for an exciting journey ahead.

Let’s dive into the details and explore the factors that make this season one to watch.

Why the Arizona Cardinals Could Be a Cinderella in 2023

Monti Ossenfort

Ossenfort’s talent for spotting players has resulted in remarkable acquisitions, uncovering hidden gems that propelled his previous teams to success. Here are some notable examples in his time:

  • Malcolm Butler: Discovered as an undrafted free agent, he made the game-winning interception in Super Bowl XLIX.
  • Tom Brady: Unearthed as a late-round pick, he went on to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.
  • Julian Edelman: Recruited as a former seventh-round pick, he eventually became a Super Bowl MVP.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Discovered as an undrafted running back, he led the Patriots in rushing yards in two separate seasons.
  • Rob Gronkowski: Acquired as a star tight end.
  • Devin McCourty: Acquired as a cornerstone player for the Patriots.
  • Sebastian Vollmer and Patrick Chung: Identified as key players who greatly contributed to the team’s success.

Ossenfort’s track record speaks volumes about his ability to identify exceptional players. With their combined expertise and track record of achievements, the Cardinals’ future looks incredibly promising. A few Hidden Gems could be found to fuel this turnaround.

Kyler Murray’s Recovery

Kyler Murray’s rehabilitation process has sparked significant discussion, creating an intriguing topic of interest. As a franchise quarterback, his comeback from a major injury like an ACL tear is always noteworthy.

The recent massive contract extension adds even more anticipation and curiosity surrounding his return to the field. While there are doubts about his availability for Week 1, the team is preparing to give their quarterback time for this comeback. This situation sets the stage for a potential Cinderella season, where the Arizona Cardinals will have to play with determination and resilience.

All eyes will be on Murray’s return, as fans and experts hope for a successful and impactful season that could turn the team’s fortunes around.


With Jonathan Gannon at the helm, a new defensive era is dawning for the Cardinals. His innovative strategies and tactical brilliance are set to catapult the team’s defense to new heights. Gannon’s game plan revolves around a fortified defensive line and an aggressive pass rush that will keep opposing quarterbacks on edge.

The emphasis on versatility ensures seamless adaptation to changing game situations. This dynamic approach has already proven effective in controlling the flow of the game and limiting scoring opportunities for opponents. With Gannon’s tactical prowess, the Arizona Cardinals defense is primed for a Cinderella season.

This should spark players like Isaiah Simmons to bring newfound energy, and explosiveness to the team. The defense might be good enough to win games Until they can get their franchise quarterback back.

Zaven Collins

A player transitioning to the edge is one to watch closely. He possesses the size, length, athleticism, and versatility that make him a disruptive force on the field. With Gannon’s guidance, we can expect Collins to exceed expectations and develop into a formidable pass-rusher.

Looking at past examples, Danielle Hunter‘s transformation from a raw prospect to one of the NFL’s premier edge rushers under Gannon’s tutelage is a testament to his coaching prowess. Similarly, Everson Griffen flourished under Gannon’s mentorship, transitioning from a rotational player to a full-time edge rusher. Even established players like Chris Long saw continued success late into their careers thanks to Gannon’s influence on refining their edge skills.

These instances highlight Gannon’s ability to develop players, particularly those transitioning to the edge. Collins’ journey with Gannon is an underdog story in the making, and it’s exciting to see how he will rise to the challenge.

The Arizona Cardinals have the potential for a remarkable Cinderella season. Will their exceptional player acquisitions, Kyler Murray’s recovery, the revamped defense, and the promising Zaven Collins propel them to success? Only time will tell, but the stage is set for an exciting journey ahead.

Main Image: Joel Angel Juarez/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

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