3 All-Time Great Players Micah Parsons is Outpacing

When it comes to football, few players shine as brightly as Micah Parsons. With two solid seasons under his belt, he has already made quite an impression. But how does his career start stack up against the likes of Demarcus Ware, Jason Taylor, and Julius Peppers?

Micah Parson is Outpacing Some Legends of the Game

The Dominance of Demarcus Ware

A name that resonates powerfully in the history of the game is Demarcus Ware. A player characterized by his unmatched intensity and unwavering dedication, Ware carved out a path of dominance in his own right. His strong arm technique and ability to out-maneuver opponents positioned him as a top-tier defensive player. At times he was so dominant people considered him the BEST player in the NFC EAST.

Comparatively, Parsons’ early career achievements echo Ware’s feats in many ways. Parsons, just like Ware, quickly became known for his unique blend of speed and power. However, Parsons’ performance metrics in his first two seasons show a faster ascension in terms of sacks, tackles, and forced fumbles.

Parsons – 26.5 sacks, 149 combined tackles, 33 Tackles for loss

Ware – 19.5 sacks, 131 Combined tackles, 27 Tackles for loss

Indeed, this early trajectory suggests Parsons might just be on the fast track to surpassing Ware’s Impressive career.

The Exceptional Talent of Jason Taylor

Entering the discussion is another football legend, Jason Taylor. Taylor’s name is synonymous with unrivaled athleticism and profound defensive skills. His career in football is marked by numerous accolades, recognition, and relentless pursuit of success. Tom Brady even wrote a letter of recommendation for Taylor’s Hall of Fame vote “Regardless of the situation, Jason came after me with the same reckless abandon on each and every snap, getting to his target often,”.

Compared to Parsons, Taylor’s outstanding career presents a compelling narrative. In his early years, Taylor showcased an exceptional combination of speed, agility, and strength, much like Parsons. However, a closer look at their first two seasons reveals an intriguing dynamic.

Taylor: 14.0 sacks, 64 tackles, 5 Forced Fumbles

Parsons: 26.5 sacks, 106 tackles, 6 Forced Fumbles

Indeed, this early trajectory suggests that Parsons might just be on the fast track to surpassing Taylor’s impressive career by a significant margin!

The Unyielding Strength of Julius Peppers

Now let’s introduce another stalwart in the football arena, Julius Peppers Known for his formidable strength and relentless pursuit on the field, Peppers has made a significant mark in his football career. His name is often associated with agility, power, and strategic acumen, characteristics that have solidified his place as a formidable adversary. Peppers is often considered one of the top athletes in NFL history.

When we draw a parallel between Parsons and Peppers, another interesting comparison unfolds in favor of Parsons. First two Seasons:

Julius Peppers -19.0 sacks, 29 tackles, 21 Tackles for loss

Parsons – 26.5 sacks, 106 tackles, 33 Tackles for loss

This early trajectory suggests Parsons is well on his way to surpassing Yet another hall-of-fame talent.

With Parsons showing such promising stats early in his career, one must ponder: Is he poised to outshine legends like Ware, Taylor, and Peppers in the long run?

Main Image:  Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

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