WrestleMania 2019 – What Will Keep the Fans Entertained

This weekend is WrestleMania, the biggest event in the calendar year for the WWE. With some of the ratings of their anchor shows not being as good as they have been. As well as other PPV events seeming to underperform in the eyes of some fans. Let’s take a look at not what will happen so much as what the WWE really needs to allow to happen to keep the fans excited as they pave the way for the next biggest event, SummerSlam is only a few months down the road.

WrestleMania 2019 – What Will Keep the Fans Entertained

Give the Fans What They Want

Obviously, every match can’t go the way the fans want, there have to be some disappointments so the story-lines stay interesting and move forward. However, some of the story-lines are in danger of becoming unappealing to the fans and need to have a good climax soon. One of these focuses on the match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Current champion ‘The New’ Daniel Bryan will (finally, after every stalling tactic has been used) take on Kofi Kingston.

Bryan is clearly now on the bad guy spectrum of the fan base. Going back to his roots as it were for those who don’t remember, when he was first in the WWE his story-lines were always heel roles. So while he calls himself new, new is kind of old. He is doing all he can to hold onto this title including using the service of recently returned Erick Rowan to keep competitors at bay.

Kofi Kingston, on the other hand, has not only waited a long eleven years for this title shot, but he is a huge fan favorite and has had many amazing matches throughout his career. The build-up to this match has been long and drawn out. Stabbing him in the back multiple times as he had the match then lost the match then had it again. Finally getting the match as his New Day partners went through their own gauntlet match to win his position. If Kingston is not the winner of this match, the WWE universe will simply not only be angry but fed up at the drawing out and stalling of giving Kofi what he has earned and then some.

Triple H vs Batista

Ok, so, every WrestleMania has to have some of the all-time stars competing to keep the interest of the fans. This year, there is no Undertaker, no John Cena, no Rock. So in a quest to make fans excited about attitude era stars, for some reason they decided Batista should make an appearance. Batista has had not the best of relationships with the WWE universe for all of his career. Some stems from his story-lines, some from the fact that many have said, he is not very personable when he meets fans.

Triple H spends the majority of his time with NXT, as he is creating new and exciting talent to come into the WWE. Although his skill is still there, he rarely gives us a vision of him in the wrestling gear anymore. However, WrestleMania is usually a time when he will dress to the nines in some spectacular entrance and hit the ring. There was a great surprise when Batista arrived and especially in the way he did. Jumping Ric Flair during his 70th birthday celebration to get Triple H’s attention.

From his screaming demands to his hiding behind his security to his stipulation that Hunter puts his career up as a deal of the match. The whole thing screams of a spoiled child not getting his way. He hasn’t had a match in the WWE for almost five years. Now he is saying the one thing you haven’t done at WrestleMania is beat me. Triple H needs this to be one of the few WrestleMania matches that he wins. He has lost many matches over the years, helping push other wrestlers into the spotlight. Triple H fans need to see a win from him this Sunday, not only to show that he still has it but of course to defend the friendship and attack on Ric Flair.

Roman Reigns vs Drew Mcintyre

The third match highlighting this report about WrestleMania is one that could pull on the heartstrings for some fans. Truthfully, the fan base had not been behind Roman Reigns for quite a period of time. However, when he announced that he had leukemia and had to take a leave of absence to fight it. The story-lines became second priority to everyone wishing him well.

After an emotional return and announcement that he was in remission and able to wrestle again. After a crowd-pleasing return of The Shield all members said they were going on their own paths. Drew Mcintyre has been a thorn in the side of all three members of The Shield since his return. A thorn that has only gotten worse as time has gone on.

With The Shield gone, this would be a highly emotional win if Roman could pull it off. Though this will be a match that can easily go either way. Especially if outside interference comes into play. Of course, no matter which man comes out on top. This rivalry is going to go on for awhile to come.

Last Word

While there are many other matches at this year’s WrestleMania that should be greatly entertaining. These are some of the ones that can pull a huge emotional response depending on the outcome. For the first year ever, the last match will be the Women’s championship match. This is not only a great victory for the woman competitors but a great burden as well. If they do not leave it all on the field, they will be letting down not only the company that feels they are ready to carry this weight. But also the other women in the locker room who will want their shot at the main event.

Also, look for whatever unscripted surprises may pop out. An unannounced appearance. A surprise guest. At WrestleMania anything can happen. Though my money is on The Shield coming back again and this time to stay. Of course, that could be fan wishful thinking, but we shall see.

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