WrestleMania 34 at a Glance


In the same week that the chivalrous serene claps are being heard at the Masters. The boisterous, exuberant screams and cheers for favorite wrestlers will be heard this Sunday at Wrestlemania 34. The highlight of the wrestling year, this show not only pulls out all the stops. It brings the biggest thrills and surprise matches to the ring. Let’s look at some of the best highlights.

A Look Inside WrestleMania 34

WWE Access

If you are a new fan, or one of old school decent, one of the best things is to be able to meet your favorite wrestler. The week of Wrestlemaniagives fans the opportunity to do just that. With the hectic schedules they have and the miles, they travel a year. These chances are rare and much sought after. The majority of past and present superstars are not only great performers but love the chance to meet their fans and have fun at these events. People plan their time and vacations around them. If you can make it to one, it is truly worth the trip.

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

In the weeks leading up to the main show, inductees are announced for the current year. Saturday night, the normally clad in tights and minimal wear. Don their best and have a memorable night showcasing the best of the best. For all its ups and downs, wrestling at its core is a family feeling environment as many of the current wrestlers are second or third generation superstars. This ceremony honours those that paved the way for the current roster and shows the love both fans and superstars alike still have for them.

So Much Wrestling

Normal PPV events are approximately three hours long, highlighting either the raw or Smackdown roster. In the true spirit of go big or go home, WrestleMania will be on for a total of almost seven hours, which will be the longest so far. Two hours is the pre-game broadcast where normally warm-up matches are done. It also shows build up and review of what led to the night’s matches. The event itself will be five hours of matches mayhem and inevitable surprises. No great PPV can happen without something happening that no one expected. It could be a surprise return, a change in sides among allies, an underdog surprisingly getting a pinfall. The bigger the surprise and the more the crowd reacts, good or bad reaction, the better.

Of Course, The Matches

What would the event be without the matches themselves right? There are some great ones on the card this year. Some with obvious predictions such as the Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns match. UFC president Dana White made a statement in an interview that Brock was coming back to the UFC. Though he did state he wasn’t sure exactly when but he was surely coming back. A statement like this just a couple of days before a huge championship match makes one think that Roman will once again hoist the belt above his head.

Another big event is the debut of Ronda Rousey in the wrestling ring. She is tag teaming with Kurt Angle as her partner against the team of Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon. Triple H at this point in his career spends the majority of his time neutering and growing the NXT brand. Though he will normally at least perform at the biggest show of the year. The only problem is, as much as the Undertaker was known for winning all his matches at WrestleMania, Triple H hasn’t won a match for quite a while. That combined with wanting to make Rhonda a name in the wrestling ring, may make this an easy bet for a Rousey/Angle win.

Besides the other championship matches, there are two with a potential to surprise the crowd. The first being the return to the ring match involving Daniel Bryan and his partner Shane Mcmahon against their longtime annoyances, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The joy of Daniel being able to return to wrestling made everyone’s day, but perhaps also set the stage for a betrayal since there has been tension between Daniel and Shane as to who has better ideas of how to run their show.

The other big question mark is the tag team match of Sheamus and Cesaro against Braun Strowman and…we don’t know yet. Listed as a partner of his choice he still wants none. Although he has given no inclination of who he would choose. So it will be very interesting to see what transpires here.

All in all, there is great potential for a fun night of great matches and many gasps of surprise. Make sure you tune in and catch it all.

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