Top Five Miami Marlins Players in Franchise History

12 Apr 1999: A close up of Livan Hernandez #61 of the Florida Marlins as he looks on holding the bat during batting practice before the game against the New York Mets at the Shea Stadium in Flushing Meadows, New York. The Mets defeated the Marlins 8-1.

Over the course of the next month, LWOSports will be breaking down the top five MLBMajor League Baseball players in franchise history for all 30 teams. This article will rank the best five players from least to best by who had the biggest impact for the Miami Marlins. You can check out the other series articles here.

For full disclosure, I’m a White Sox fan first and foremost, so I don’t hold any personal grudges against you for 2003, as a matter of fact, I laughed in a morbid manner. So after going over the franchises rather turbulent history, I’ve compiled the five greatest players in the team’s history.

Top Five Miami Marlins Players

5. Mike Piazza

A lot of people forget that Mike Piazza even played for the Marlins, its sort of like how people forget Frank Thomas played for the Seattle Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays in his twilight. but Mike Piazza had a quick cup of coffee with the Mariners in 1998. now he isn’t too notable as a player for the Marlins specifically but due to his hall of fame status, he made it onto this list. Quite simply, he was one of the best offensive catchers of all time.

4. Moises Alou

One of the key sluggers on the 1997 Marlins, Moises Alou was outright stolen from the Montreal Expos for that championship run. His .321 batting average and 9 RBI’s in the playoffs powered the underdogs all the way to game seven of the world series and they would go home as champions. Moises was also maybe the most unorthodox batter in history, with an unusual stance and his practice of batting without wearing gloves. Despite his unorthodox approach to batting, the Marlins likely never would have made it to the fall classic without him.

3. Josh Beckett

One of two world series MVP’s with the Marlins, Josh Beckett bounced around the league for a while before his retirement. Josh Beckett’s heroic pitching guided the 2003 marlins all the way to the world series. His Heroic efforts would be a key piece in knocking out the Yankees that fall. although his great career came to an end due to injury, Josh Beckett still stands as one of the greats in Marlins history.

2. Cliff Floyd

Another former member of the Expos that found a championship ring elsewhere, Cliff Floyd was more of a depth piece on the 97 championship team. His stats may be lower for a position player. However, depth at-bat was a key component for the Marlins then. He’ll go down as one of the unsung heroes of the team.

1. Livan Hernandez

Livan Hernandez is currently one of two MVP’s of the world series in the team’s history, he’s also the first player to hold that distinction. His Pitching was the true force that led the team all the way to the big dance, leading them through the team of the 90’s era Atlanta Braves to do so. By virtue of pitching victories, he won MVP of the world series. Being the first anything is special, but that victory had to have made it all the sweeter.

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