White Sox Star Hunting for Bryce Harper

Harper Would Legitimize the White Sox

The Chicago White Sox certainly have not been shy with their pursuit of the two big stars of the off-season (Bryce Harper and Manny Machado). Only one, Harper, could potentially alter the way the White Sox are viewed in the future. Last month, the White Sox sent a small contigent to Las Vegas to meet with Harper and his representatives. They made their pitch to Harper. Part of that White Sox contingent was Hall of Fame slugger and former White Sox star Jim Thome to help sell Harper on their vision of the future with Harper.

White Sox Star Hunting for Bryce Harper

General Manager Rick Hahn and the White Sox front office are pulling out all the stops in their pursuit of the 26-year old slugger. A few weeks ago, a picture surfaced on Twitter of Bryce Harper’s name and iconic number in White Sox lettering inside the United Center. This led to a frenzied afternoon on Twitter and White Sox blogs across the internet about their courtship of Bryce Harper.

The White Sox are considered among many as the second team in the city of Chicago. The Cubs are the most popular team, leaving the White Sox in the dust in the eyes of many fans around Major League Baseball. A splash signing of the former Nationals right field star would certainly help bring the White Sox back to relevancy. Harper would put the White Sox back on the map. He is the perfect solution to the Chicago White Sox conundrum.

Harper Would Sell the White Sox to Other Players

Bryce Harper is the most polarizing player in baseball and would be much more than just a free agent signing. Harper would help rebuild the trust between the front office and the fans, ticket sales, merchandise, and help the White Sox be a more attractive destination to future free agents. With the addition of Harper, the rest of baseball would be put on notice. The Chicago White Sox are now the desired baseball destination. Movie stars and fans would sellout the stadium to see the south side slugger. This move would send a shockwave throught out baseball.

The attendance issues at Guaranteed Rate Field would die down rapidly. The White Sox would have no trouble selling out the 40,000 seat stadium on West 35th Street. Jersey sales would skyrocket. I know I would buy one immediately. Billboards would be constructed all over the city of Chicago. I can see the envy of Cubs fans as I write this! One can dream can’t they? All kidding aside, Bryce Harper is perfect for the White Sox and the White Sox are perfect for Harper.

White Sox Magic Pill

Whenever you watch post-apocolyptic shows or movies, there is always the search for that magic pill or cure. Well, adding Bryce Harper to the White Sox is their cure. The past 10 seasons of White Sox baseball has been like watching the world erode around you. Each season worse than the next and even more crippling. General manager Rick Hahn chose a fundamental shift with this rebuild of the White Sox. The rebuild sent a message to White Sox fans that there is finally a vision, or a path to long term contention in the American League.

In one off-season, Hahn transformed the worst farm system to one of the best. Fast forward two years and 195 losses later, and the White Sox are star hunting. It is time to add a prime impactful superstar to this roster and most noteworthy, Bryce Harper. He helps give the White Sox credibility, notoriety, and that vision that White Sox fans have long desired. With the Cleveland Indians starting to sell off pieces, the Minnesota Twins stuck in quick sand, and the Royals and Tigers at the beginning stages of their respected rebuilds, the AL Central is open for the White Sox taking. Bryce Harper is the White Sox magic pill.

Harper is the First Domino

Harper alone, is not the White Sox lone goal. The starting rotation needs a veteran addition and the bullpen needs retooling. With the White Sox payroll at roughly $15 million, the flexibility is there to add Bryce Harper and overhaul the pitching staff and lineup. Nelson Cruz has also been of rumored interest to the White Sox. Cruz would add some serious thunder to the middle of the lineup. With top hitting prospect Eloy Jimenez on the horizon, suddenly, the middle of the White Sox order would look pretty formidable with Harper, Cruz and Jimenez.

Furthermore, the addition of Bryce Harper is not just about the 2019 season. It is about 2020 and beyond. Rick Hahn has preached for months about long term fixes. Harper impacts the White Sox in 2019 and the foreseeable future. Adding Bryce Harper would validate the White Sox and go a long way of curing their losing ways.

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