Takeaways from Draft Day Two

NFL Draft day two was as crazy as day one, with a lot of bewildering picks and head scratchers. After a full day of recovering after a nutty day one, the NFL didn’t appear to be ready for day two. Here are the things you need to know from Draft day two.

Takeaways from Draft Day Two

Best pick of the night

#41 Tennessee Titans – EDGE Harold Landry, Boston College: The Titans landed a steal right here trading up to take Landry. The Titans touched on both of their most pressing needs in the first two rounds of the draft, taking an inside guy and an edge rusher. Landry is the only player I saw who could contain Deshaun Watson on the edge one on one in college. Guess who Watson will be seeing twice a year from now on?

The Titans are building very cleverly now. They are finding the different tools and players to attempt to dominate in their division. The AFC South is going to be a nightmare to compete in, so if the Titans can find a kryptonite or each team, so to speak, to beat each AFC south team.

Surprise of the night

#87 Oakland Raiders – EDGE Arden Key, LSU: Not many people expected Arden Key to drop late into the 3rd round. Key is a hell of a pass rusher with incredible talent, and was regarded by most as a first round pick. The Raiders snatched a steal here.

Winner of the night

Jacksonville Jaguars: Getting Ronnie Harrison in the third round was a steal, and adding the fastest receiver in the draft in DJ Chark, the Jaguars are filling their needs brilliantly. Getting Taven Bryan in the first has built the Jaguars into a serious defense, and Harrison can contribute immediately with Bryan. It’s a huge draft for the Jaguars and no one has come out better then they have so ar.

Worst pick of the night

#33 Cleveland Browns – OG Austin Corbett, Nevada: Not sure what the Browns were thinking here.9There are much better guard prospects they could have taken here (Will Hernandez for example) and with all of the talent still on the board, to start the second say of the draft with this pick was mind-boggling. Browns fans can only hope that John Dorsey knows something the rest of us don’t.

Loser of the night

Detroit Lions: What are the Lions thinking? I want to really investigate their scouting staff. They have done an awful job drafting, taking a decent running back with health concerns in Kerryon Johnson, and then a safety, Tracy Walker, in the third. It’s a very sad day for Lions fans.

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