Will Jerry Jones Really Be Going “All-In” ?

Offseason preparation is underway for 30 NFL teams and the NFL Draft starts to creep up, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are already looking to change the narrative for the 2024 season. In his recent comments, Jones stated he’ll be going “all-in” for a Super Bowl but can Cowboys fans believe his words or is it another PR pitch to make fans believe again?

March 11-13 will be crucial for the Cowboys if they’re serious about getting over the hump. Between those days unrestricted free agents can agree to contracts but not sign them. At 4:00 P.M. on the 13th, trades can be completed and free agents can sign their contracts. If the Cowboys are truly “all-in,” they need to make some noise at the start of the new league year.

Here are a few steps the Cowboys need to address to truly be “all-in” in 2024.

Jerry Jones “All-In” For 2024

Jerry Takes A Step Back

The first step is going to be Jones taking a step back. As the owner, president, and general manager of the team, he has too much power, especially in the decision-making process. Also, he can be in the spotlight a little too often which leads to distraction.

If the team is winning or losing, the cameras always seem to find him in his suite. He’s doing postgame interviews and radio shows during the week leading up to games. The best thing he could do is hire a president and general manager then take a step back.

Dominate The Offseason

There’s nothing wrong with liking your guys and believing in them, but there’s also nothing wrong with bringing in extra help. It’s hard to believe America’s Team has trouble bringing in free agents or trading for players, the problem is they just don’t try hard enough. The solution to the problem is simple, address team needs however that needs to be done. When they finally did bite the bullet and trade for Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore, both of them were key pieces to the team’s success throughout the season.

Scared money doesn’t make money and there are a lot of free agents available that would instantly make the Cowboys a real Super Bowl contender. As we saw from this previous season they’re in desperate need of linebackers, and another running back wouldn’t hurt either. With guys like Patrick Queen and Lavonte David hitting the free agency market and household names like Derrick Henry and Saquon Barkley looking for new homes, if they do intend to be “all-in” they’ll grab a few game changers that are available.

Trust Your Guys

Not only do they need to strengthen their team from external players, but the guys within the organization should have a say on who they bring in. A lot of teams give their veterans and franchise players a say in who the team signs and drafts. The Houston Texans let their rookie quarterback do it this past season and the New York Jets did it with Aaron Rodgers as well, although Rodgers couldn’t finish the season due to injury.

The question is do Dak Prescott, Micah Parsons, CeeDee Lamb, etc. have the privilege to do so?

If so, All-Pro cornerback, Trevon Diggs, has advocated for his brother Stefon Diggs to play in a Cowboys uniform. Over the past few seasons, there’s been speculation that Diggs (Stefon) is growing unhappy with the Buffalo Bills organization, especially after the playoff shortcomings. With his future in Buffalo hanging in the balance and his brother still pushing to get him to Dallas, if Jones is “all in” like he says he should make a push to unite the brothers.

Shake Up The Coaching Staff

With Dan Quinn going to an NFC East Foe and bringing in a new offensive coordinator to Washington with him that means two things: They need a new defensive coordinator and there’s a well-respected offensive play caller available.

Mike McCarthy did a good job calling plays this past season. They finished first in scoring, and fifth in total offense, and Prescott had an MVP-caliber season. However, with someone like Eric Bieniemy being free, it’ll be a wise move to bring him in. This past season was a down year with the Washington Commanders but what he’s accomplished can’t be overlooked. He helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to three Super Bowls and won two.

On the defensive side, they’ve interviewed several guys such as Rex Ryan, Mike Zimmer, and Ron Rivera. On Thursday, February 8th, the Cowboys decided to go with Zimmer. With a defense loaded with talent and one of the NFL’s best for the past three seasons, it wasn’t too hard to find someone to take on the job. Replacing Quinn is one thing but finding someone to replicate what he did will be difficult and Zimmer checks those boxes.

If they weren’t interested in any of those guys and wanted the most out of their defensive coordinator, Mike Vrabel is someone who would’ve been a great fit. He’s a proven winner after leading the Tennessee Titans to four straight winning seasons.

Whatever It Takes

No matter who they have to trade for, sign, or release, the temperature has risen after Jones’ latest comments. It’s been nearly three decades since their last championship and McCarthy has one more year to prove he’s the guy. If they truly want to win Super Bowl number six, Jones will have to put his ego aside and do what’s best for the team.

Main Image: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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