What Milestones Might Be Reached During the 2023/24 NHL Season?

What Milestones Might Be Reached During the 2023/24 NHL Season?

While many obviously enjoy certain sports because of the passion that they have for the game being played, there are others who fall in love with the stories that can occur, too.

The NHL is never short of its own stories on and off the ice, with players often able to achieve certain milestones. These can appear in a variety of ways, with many of them always being looked out for by fans just as much as the individual who might be looking to achieve it.

Fans often feel a sense of pride in those individuals who achieve them, while it has also become something that they are able to wager on. It is not uncommon in today’s age to find a sportsbook offering betting online that provides markets based on the milestones that can be accomplished and provides punters with odds that can be bet upon.

Of course, with the 2023/24 NHL season in session, there are numerous milestones that fans may want to look out for, especially if they are considering enhancing the action that they view on the ice with a little wagering experience…

Goal Milestones

Among one of the most popular milestones that most watch out for across the NHL is in regard to goals. In truth, it is something that is often looked at with most sports that involve points, as it can be considered a key metric in deciding how well an individual’s career has gone.

There are numerous players on the ice that are able to reach new milestones this season, with the following among those most achievable…

Alex Ovechkin – Reaching 850: He needs just 28 goals this season to reach the number, and with 18 straight seasons of scoring 20+, it is highly possible he will do it this year.

Sidney Crosby – 50 goals needed to reach 600: Although perhaps more difficult to achieve as he only did it once before in his career, Crosby can become the 21st member of the 600-goal club. He did score 33 last year, so perhaps it is possible.

Evgeni Malkin – Reach 500 goals: He could become the fourth active player to reach 500 if he is to score 29 this season; a feat he has accomplished six times.

Points Milestones

Aside from goals, the total points that a player scores is also a milestone that many are judged on when their careers are being evaluated by fans and critics, especially once they decide to hang up their skates and hockey sticks. Unsurprisingly, there are a few landmarks that can be achieved this season…

Alex Ovechkin – Reaching 1,500 points: Although reaching 850 goals will be in his sight, Ovechkin only needs to obtain 15 points this season to reach 1,500 total for his career. If he does, he will be only one of two active players (Crosby) to reach it.

John Tavares – Reach 1,000 points: He is considered the only player to have a realistic chance of obtaining the 1,000 points mark this season. Of course, with just 25 required, it would not be a surprise if he does it early in the season.

Game Milestones

There are appearance milestones that can be achieved this season with a plethora of players around the NHL able to reach a certain total if they continue to step onto the ice and perform for their respective franchises…

Alex Ovechkin, Ryan Suter, and Brent Burns – Reach 1,400 appearances: Suter is the closest as he needs just 38 outings, while Ovechkin needs 53 and Burns needs 67. All achievable this season.

20 players could reach 1,000 game landmark: Various players around the league could each reach the 1,000 mark, which is a huge accomplishment.

Wins as a Goaltender

Many punters like to bet on the outright market as it offers simplicity. Those who do may want to consider the one goaltender milestone that could be achieved this season if they want to consider wagering on an outcome that involves victories…

Marc-Andre Fleury could become the second-most-winning goaltender in NHL history if he were to win at least eight more games this season, as it would take him to 552.

Most Wins as a Coach

While Fleury might be looking to increase his own win count, there are four coaches in the NHL who will also be looking to reach the next milestone in their own careers.

Peter Laviolette – 800 wins: Already on 752 at the start of the 2023/24 NHL season, Laviolette arrives as the new New York Rangers coach. If he can get 48 wins this season, he will become the seventh in history to record 800 total wins.

Todd McLellan and Peter DeBoer – 600 wins: McLellan only needs 25 wins to reach this milestone, while DeBoer needs 40. They both have a solid chance of reaching this landmark.

John Cooper – 500 wins: Ahead of the start of the campaign, Cooper only needs 20 wins to reach this milestone. With the head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning among one of the best in recent history, this shouldn’t be a problem to achieve.

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